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Auto Clicker for PC: You will see a lot of games and applications where it is mandatory to tap on the screen in order to perform the actions. And we understand that clicking the mouse repeatedly is quite frustrating. If you want to get away from this frustrating situation of clicking the mouse over and over on repeat to perform the actions, then Auto Clicker for PC is the perfect software that you must install on your PC or desktop.

Auto Clicker Download for PC is the software that has been specifically designed to automate the repetitive clicking of the mouse. Auto Mouse Clicker has the ability to record each and every mouse click and save it for repetition. Moreover, it also operates easily alongside the various other inputs and applications from the user. This software appears to be very convenient for those users who frequently access the same programs on their PC or desktop. It enables you to automate a whole set of keyboard inputs and then easily apply it with just a single click. Furthermore, it also provides you the feature to allow responses towards conditional responses and keyboard.

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Auto Clicker for PC has gained a lot of popularity recently, and now it is used by a lot of people for various purposes like data entry work, gaming, an inspection of software, etc.

What is the main function of Auto Clicker?

Auto Clicker creates a set of key inputs that you press on your keyboard, and these sets can later automate according to your convenience. It has become the recent favorite of many users due to its capability of performing automation with proper accuracy.

It is a very simple software that copies your keyboard inputs or mouse actions without causing any trouble to your data or device. Moreover, Download Auto Clicker for PC is an amazing program that offers you a lot of customization options in terms of its user interface that enables you to easily implement a lot of complicated features in just a few clicks.

Auto Clicker operates by reading your RAM and easily locates the programs or applications that need a direct transformation in the values of their elements. After locating any such programs, you can activate the set of inputs on that particular program along with its other actual inputs.

How to Download and Install Auto Clicker for PC?

We have provided below the step-by-step guide to download and install Auto Clicker on your PC.

  1. First of all, you will need to visit the official website of Auto Clicker HERE in order to download its .exe file. Or else, you can also download the Auto Clicker.exe file from the download button below
    Download Auto Clicker for PC (.exe)Click on the button to start downloading...
  2. Within a few minutes, Auto Clicker for PC .exe file will be successfully downloaded.
  3. The .exe file will get saved in the Downloads folder of your PC.
  4. Now, move to the Downloads folder of your PC and double-click on the Auto Clicker .exe file to install it on your PC or desktop.
  5. The installation might take up 2-3 minutes. Once it is installed, you will require completing the setup and then you can start using the Auto Clicker.

Working of Auto Clicker for PC

There are different types of work that the Auto Clicker performs. We can separate its workings or functions into four different categories.

  • Recording

Once you have opened the program, you will have to enter all the key inputs manually, and Auto Clicker will record the whole process by itself. As soon as you are done, you need to enter the clicks and places you are willing to repeat and then stop by tapping the square icon.

  • Type of Icons

You will also get a lot of different sets in this Auto Clicker software which would enable you to tune multiple click rates. Moreover, you will also be able to customize the numbers and alphabets as a macro.

  • Click Rates

Another function of Auto Clicker for PC is click rates. Now, according to your action, it lets you implement the single, double, and triple clicks on your device over different programs or applications. Furthermore, this Auto Clicker software copies the signals of your mouse and keyboard at every single moment whenever you activate the pattern.

  • Click Delays

As per your choices, Auto Clicker also lets you delay the time in between different clicks and alter the game engine like a human input. Also, it enables you to increase the randomization of the clicks or delay time according to your needs and convenience.

What are the features of Auto Clicker?

download auto mouse clicker for pc

Auto Clicker Download for PC has a lot of attractive features, which are discussed below.

  • User – Interface 

Auto Clicker consists of a very simple and user-friendly interface that allows the users to easily navigate through various options available there. Here, you can also easily customize a lot of features with just a few clicks.

  • Auto Start

This Auto Start feature automatically activates the program. Auto Start enables the Auto Clicker program to open and activate the click events automatically in your OS.

  • Limitless Clicks and More than a Single Click

Auto Clicker for PC is totally free of cost software, and it has got an unlimited number of inputs that you can put in use.

Apart from that, Auto Clicker also lets you access more than a single click ( be it twice or thrice or more) as per your convenience.

  • Any Button, Anywhere

Once you have successfully recorded all the sets of inputs and fixed a proper time for implementing them, then you can choose a button for activation of these sets on any part of your device screen.

  • Program your Hotkeys

Hotkeys are considered to be a special type of keys that you can open or close during the time of ongoing gameplays or while accessing any other applications. Auto Clicker offers you the feature to use various sets of keys for different games.

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Important Information that you need to know before starting with this software

Now, before you move on to using Auto Clicker, there are some terms that you need to get familiar with so that you find it a little easy to use this Auto Clicker software.

Click Interval: Click Interval is the term used for a time interval between two clicks, and it is set as 100 milliseconds by default.

Click Options: By using the Click Options, the users can set the click type, i.e., single click, double click, or triple-click. Moreover, it also allows the users to choose the mouse button, i.e., the middle, the right, and the left one, according to their preference.

Click Repeat: The Click Repeat feature of Auto Clicker enables you to fill in the number of clicks after which you would like the implementation to end.

Cursor Position: It is the term used for describing the main point where you can place your mouse and select that location where you want to automate the clicks.

Hotkey Settings: You will find the Hotkey Settings located at the bottom left corner with the name ‘OP Auto Clicker Window.’ and it is the setting that allows you to alter the times of start and stop for the Hotkey buttons.

Record & Playback: If you are accessing Auto Clicker for software testing applications, then this is the best feature suited for you. Here, you can easily record the click sequence by clicking on the red buttons. And after you complete recording the click sequence, then you can go for its playback by pressing the green Playback button.

Getting Started with Auto Clicker for PC

In order to get started with Auto Clicker for PC, follow the guide that is mentioned below.

  1. Firstly, you will have to set the time intervals in between different clicks by making a visit to the click interval option.
  2. In the next step, you need to choose the click type and mouse button that you prefer in order to automate.
  3. Now, enter the number of times for which you would like to repeat the automated clicks.
  4. You will be asked to set up the XY coordinates and also place the cursor on the current location.
  5. Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above, press the F6 key on your keyboard and begin the automation process, or you can also press the Hotkey that you have changed from the settings.

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