Binomo App for PC Free Download & Install (Windows 10/8/7)

Binomo App for PC: Looking for an App to help you with your Online tradings from PC? Read On to find out about Binomo App and how to install it on your PC

Binomo for PC is a very effective and helpful App for trading online with its binary options developed specifically aid tradings. This App has a modern outlook with very practical features, and the app is updated from time to time with new features, and any bugs found are fixed on the spot.

Binomo APK is considered one of the most popular Apps because of its several interesting features like the tabs independently kept for each chart use, its graphical tools are more than 20 to make the perfect chart analysis, and so on. Binomo for PC Download can use both the keyboard controls and hotkeys for its function.

Trading, especially the funding of accounts online has been made very easy with the help of the Download Binomo. Binomo broker introduces the Download Binomo to his clients and the Binomo bot helps them to smoothly carry their tradings on this platform.

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Binomo can be downloaded on both devices Android and iOS. With the technology increasing and updating to new levels each day and with the advancement of techniques, the trading world has been blessed with an App like Binomo for Windows.

International customers are served here as well and this App is not limited to specific countries. Anybody can start on this platform with the base amount as 10 Dollars, which is the minimum balance, and 500 Dollars as the maximum balance required by Binomo. It supports international payment methods and also cards like VISA or MasterCard among various other bank cards. Later on, the minimum balance can be topped up as per the bonuses or profits garnered from them.

Google Playstore has termed Binomo as the most downloaded app in the business category, with more than 1,000,000 downloads worldwide and has 3.6-star aggregate ratings by the users.

Technical Specifications of Binomo | Invest Trade for PC


Name Binomo | Invest Trade
Category Productivity
File size 15M
Installations 1,000,000+
Developed By Binomo Mobile

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Features of Binomo App  

  • Download Binomo comes with a very helpful set of trading assets.
  • The buttons on the App for CALL and PUT are large to make it easy to use even on smaller devices.
  • Download Binomo on your PC has a simple interface easy to use even for beginners.
  • Binomo bot helps users to navigate through the App and solves their queries.
  • Binomo App has all the website’s features and does not requires you to stay glued to your screen, just login once on installation and then it allows you to trade on move.
  • Accessing the time of expiration is very easy on the Binomo App.
  • It lets you start trading instantly.
  • There are several charts on the Binomo App and you can also scroll it and scale them and change the format to liner or candle mode.
  • Binomo APK gives a top op of a certain percentage on the deposits made.
  • Costs can be easily configured based on the options in the Binomo App.
  • Users can check their financial history on the App.
  • Binomo also has indicators to let the users know their opinion on the tradings and helps them in making decisions.
  • Download Binomo is also beneficial to seasonal traders and helps them learn more tricks.
  • If you buy the Premium VIP version, it will aid you with advice and analytical support to carry out trading successfully and earn more money.
  • The most flexible feature is that you do not need any specific time to use this and it works 24 hours and all days of the week.
  • It offers bonuses to its users on signing up.

All these exciting features have attracted users from all over the world to install and use this App. It is very user-friendly and gives great customer support. And what’s best is that you can enjoy all these features from your PC both Windows and Mac!

Read the methods shared below to install it to your PC and enjoy it from your laptops or computers.

Steps to be followed to Install Binomo-Trading App to your PC:

binomo pc installation

To download any Android app on your PC you will require an emulator. An emulator like BlueStacks or LDPlayer is very easy to install and use. These emulators let you access Google PlayStore on the PC through them.

How to Download an emulator?

The first step is to download an emulator we prefer BlueStacks or LDPlayer emulator from the browser. Both these emulators are completely free.

  • To download BlueStacks open the browser and search for its official website or

“click HERE to download BlueStacks ”.

  • To download the LDPlayer emulator open the browser of your computer and click on the official website or

“click HERE to download LDPlayer ”

Then after downloading your emulator you will spot an icon in the download folder on your computer. Click on it to start the installation. A pop-up window appears guiding you through the installation and this gets ended in few minutes.  Then there are two methods to Install your Android Apps or games from the emulators.

One method is to download it via Google Playstore and the other method is to install it via an APK file.

Method 1. Installing Binomo App from the Google PlayStore

  • After installing the emulator on the PC, double click on its icon that appears on the desktop to open it.
  • Login to your Google Account then you can access Google Playstore.
  • In the Playstore search for the Binomo APK in the Bar given above and click on search.
  • It will display the results list, click on the Binomo APK file from it and select the download option.
  • This will download the app to your PC.
  • You can locate the Binomo APK under the installed Apps list.
  • Double click on it to open it, you can now browse through the Binomo APK from your PC.

Method2. Intallation of Binomo App via an APK file

  • Download an .APK file for Binomo from browser online
  • Now open the emulator you downloaded and drag your APK file into its screen.
  • The Binomo APK  installation gets started automatically.
  • The step-by-step wizard will guide you to complete the process.
  • That’s All, you can now enjoy the Binomo App from your PC!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When was the Binomo – Trading App first released and which version is the latest version for this App?

Answer)  The Binomo – Trading App was released in 2021, 4th  MAY. The latest version of this App is 1.

  1. Is Binomo App safe for trading?

Answer) Yes, the Download Binomo is safe for trading and is 100 % legal with over users from more than 133 countries all over the globe. The brokers are considered here as category A of the International Financial Commission and are protected with a sum of 20,000 dollars in case of disputes.

  1. Is Binomo – Trading a free App?

Answer) Yes, Binomo App is free and can be downloaded from your device’s Google Playstore or App Store.

  1. Is Binomo App legal in India?

Answer) Binomo App is legitimate in India and is used by several people for their trading practices. It is a great source to increase your earnings by learning several tricks and methods.

  1. Can I have a demo account on Binomo App and what is the minimum balance required?

Answer)  Yes, you can create a demo account if you are a beginner and wish to learn about the trading of accounts and the minimum balance it requires is 10 Dollars.

Final Thought

Binomo has been very helpful to become better at trading practices and provides techniques and pieces of training to its user’s beginners as well as seasoned traders.

Download Binomo to your PC now easily by the methods explained above. We hope you found our article helpful!

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