Ezykam for PC Free Download & Install (Windows & macOS)

Everyone is concerned about their security, whether for their homes or businesses. With the advent of technology, the surveillance industry has transformed a lot, and now we have intelligent surveillance options.

Ezykam for PC is a platform that can easily monitor and secure their surroundings. Initially, the Ezykam was designed for mobile phones. Still, the increase in demand has led to the development of Ezykam for PCs with vast features and excellent control over the security system. 

This article will teach us the features and how to get the app on our PCs. Ezykam is a perfect solution for those looking to secure their homes, properties, or companies. 

About Ezykam 

We all want to monitor our surroundings for security, so the concept of surveillance is familiar. With the advancement in technology, surveillance has become more accessible. For intelligent surveillance, we have high-definition cameras, an internet connection, and authentic software to provide users with a guarantee of safety and security. 

Ezykam is at the forefront of the surveillance industry. Ezykam is a mobile application specifically for smartphones and tablets. It allows users to view their cameras’ live video feed, receive real-time alerts, and access video recordings. Ezykam offers more features with the convenience of monitoring and checking the surroundings from desktops, laptops, and computers. 

How to Download Ezykam on your PC? (Windows and macOS)

You can get the Ezykam on your PC if you use Android emulators. 

Method 1: With the help of LD Player

Step 1:

Open any browser, search for “Ldplayer.net” and click “Download“.

Step 2:

After downloading, go to File Manager and start installing. 

Step 3:

Now, search for Ezykam and install it by clicking the install button.

Method 2: Installing Ezykam using NoxPlayer

Step 1:

Search for the link “bignox.com” and click on “download“.

Step 2:

After downloading, install it from File Manager.

Step 3:

Now, search for Ezykam on Google Play Store and click on install.

That’s how you can get Ezykam on your PCs (Windows and macOS) with the help of Android emulators. 

Features of Ezykam

These are some of Ezykam’s salient qualities:- 

  • Live video streaming- Ezykam allows users to see live videos of their connected cameras. You can easily monitor your house, businesses, or properties from the convenience of your PCs. This feature helps keep your eyes on your place.
  • Multi-camera support- Users can switch between their cameras with a single app. It doesn’t matter if the surveillance system is large or small. You can still access it easily.
  • Cloud storage integration- Users can easily save the video of the recorded live footage as proof if something mishappens. This cloud integration gives you the guarantee of security of your data. It makes it simple to retrieve it when needed.
  • Motion detection alerts- Ezykam has a built-in feature through which you get alerts when cameras detect motion. This function helps prevent instructions and react quickly to possible security risks.
  • Two-way communication- People can communicate through cameras as it provides a two-way communication feature. It is helpful for home security because it lets homeowners share with their homeowners.
  • User-friendly interface- Ezykam is user-friendly; it is easy to navigate, and people with less technological knowledge can also easily access it. You can easily access the camera feed and adjust numerous settings.
  • Scheduling cameras: You can operate cameras according to your preference. Ezykam offers a feature where you can configure a camera at some specific hours, whenever you want.
  • Notification preferences: You can choose how and when you should be notified when any motion is detected.
  • Pan and tilt control: Cameras those who are connected with Ezykam, can change their direction with the feature of this app.
  • In-app Playback- This feature allows you to easily access and see previously recorded videos by allowing you to review recorded video footage immediately within the application.


1. What is Ezykam?

Ans: Ezykam is a surveillance application made for your property’s security. It offers features like video streaming, motion detection, and many more. 

2. Can you customize the settings in Ezykam?

Ans: Yes, Ezykam offers you a feature through which you can customize the settings of the Ezykam app according to your preferences. 

3. Is it possible to access Ezykam on multiple devices simultaneously?

Ans: Ezykam allows users to simultaneously access their surveillance system from multiple devices. You can monitor your places with both mobile phones and PCs. 

4. What are the security measures in place of Ezykam data?

Ans: Ezykam takes data security seriously; you can secure videos in cloud storage, and they have encryption. 


Ezykam is a perfect surveillance application that can be easily set up and installed for live video streaming. Also, it can be used for motion detection, two-way audio communication, cloud storage integration, and customizable settings.

For Android and IOS users, Ezykam provides remote access and monitoring services so that anyone can stay connected to the security system all day.

Ezykam for PC guarantees the security of homes to homeowners and assets to business owners. Ezykam offers high-definition video quality, customizable alerts, and flexibility to customize surveillance systems as per choice.

Therefore, if you are searching for a comprehension surveillance solution, Ezykam is for monitoring and keeping you and your surroundings safe.

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