JioSwitch for PC Free Download & Install (Windows 10/8/7)

JioSwitch for PC is a free file transfer application that enables you to send and receive different types of files on your PC from your Smartphone without any restriction. It is one of the highly secure and fast-speed applications for file sharing. It can be now installed on Windows PC and MAC. With the JioSwitch for PC Download application installed on your device, you do not require any data cable to transfer the files. This file transfer application has been designed by Reliance Jio Digital Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Name JioSwitch
App Version
v4.02.14 PLAYSTORE
Category Utility
App Size
Supported Android Version
4.1 and up
Last Update Aug 2020
License Type Free
Download File JioSwitch APK

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JioSwitch for PC has been licensed as freeware and you can use the application without paying any single penny. Moreover, it is considered to be the best alternative to the popular sharing apps Xender and Share it, which are currently banned in India. It also supports a wide range of files in various formats. The users can now easily share files with a higher speed on their PC by utilizing the JioSwitch for PC Download.

How to Download JioSwitch for PC?

JioSwitch makes it easy for the users to transfer various important files directly from their Smartphone to PC without having to connect a data cable. The steps to download and install JioSwitch for PC are provided below.

  1. In order to download and install the JioSwitch application on your PC, you will first require to download an Android Emulator of your choice. There are various Android Emulators available such as BlueStacks 4, Nox Player, Andy, and a lot more. Download and install any one of them on your PC.
  2. Once you have successfully installed the Android Emulator, launch it.
  3. Now, on the homepage of the Android Emulator check for the Google Folder and make a click on the Google Play Store.
  4. In the next step, you will be asked to enter the user ID and password of your Google Account to access the Google Play Store. Once it is done, Google Play Services will get activated.
  5. In the Google Play Store, go to the search box and search for JioSwitch for PC. A list of applications will come up on the screen. You will find JioSwitch for PC on the top of that list.
  6. Make a click and open it. Now, tap on the Install option and the app will start its download procedure.
  7. After the JioSwitch for PC app gets downloaded, install it on your PC. One thing that you must keep in mind is that this application seeks permission to access your media and storage.
  8. Once the JioSwitch for PC is successfully installed, now you can make use of this application to easily share files from your Smartphone to your PC.

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How to use JioSwitch App to transfer the files between Smartphone and PC?

To share the files between your Smartphone and PC, follow the steps which are given below.

Sending the files

  1. Go to the JioSwitch application on your Smartphone and open it.
  2. On the homepage, there will be a Send button and you will have to make a click on it.
  3. Now, you will be asked to choose the files which you are willing to send.
  4. After you have selected all the files for sharing, make a click on the Send button.
  5. Your Smartphone will start the search to find the receiver device.
  6. Once the receiver device (your PC) accepts the file transfer, all the selected files will be transferred to that particular device.

Receiving the files

  1. Open the JioSwitch application on your PC.
  2. You will find a Receive button on the homepage. Make a click on that.
  3. Now, your PC will start searching for the sender device.
  4. Once it finds the sender device, a pop-up will appear on the screen. Make a click on the Accept
  5. The files will be now successfully transferred to your PC from the sender device.

Features of JioSwitch for PC

There are a lot of incredible features offered by JioSwitch for PC. Some of these features are:

  • JioSwitch for PC has a very high sharing speed. It is almost 100 times faster than Bluetooth and hence, you can easily transfer the files using this JioSwitch application.
  • JioSwitch for PC comes with a very simple and user-friendly interface. This makes it easy for the users to navigate the application and offers a better user experience compared to all the other file transfer applications which are available in the technical market.
  • JioSwitch for PC comes in a completely free version and you do not have to pay any fees to access it. It is an open-source platform and can be used in both iOS and Android. It can be downloaded easily from the Play Stores.
  • JioSwitch for PC is very safe to use because it is an encrypted application and it is under the Reliance Jio.
  • This file-sharing application enables you to craft your own avatars which are exactly similar to Xender. You can also share your avatar with your friends.
  • JioSwitch App has been designed as a cross-platform application. You can now easily share different types of files between your Android and iOS device through this application without any hassle.
  • Once you install the JioSwitch app then you can go for wireless file sharing between your Smartphone and your PC.
  • JioSwitch for PC does not require any internet connection to transfer the files.
  • It does not have any size limit. You can easily transfer files of any size by making use of the JioSwitch app.
  • This file transfer app is completely ads-free and it saves you from all the unnecessary data-consuming ads.
  • You can share an unlimited number of files using the JioSwitch for PC app. It even offers you the feature to share multiple data to the same device at a single time.


JioSwitch for PC is an easy-to-use file-sharing application that supports a wide variety of files. As of now, this application has over 5 million downloads and is rated 4.5/5 by the users. It provides an excellent speed which helps you to transfer data in just a few moments without any hassle. It is also compatible with the various types of Operating Systems which makes it easier to use. Moreover, it is a very pocket-friendly app as it is available in a free version. If you are looking for an amazing application through which you can transfer all the different types of files, JioSwitch for PC is definitely worth giving a try.


What type of files can be transferred using the JioSwitch for PC?

JioSwitch for PC can be utilized to share any type of files like videos, documents, audio files, images and a lot more.

Is it safe to use the JioSwitch for PC?

Yes, this file-sharing application is under Reliance Jio and hence, it is considered to be safe and secure. You do not have to worry about having any kind of security issues while accessing the JioSwitch for PC.

Which web browser can be accessed for file share along with the PC option?

Many of the users recommended Google Chrome as the best web browser to transfer the different types of data in between your Smartphone and PC. However, you can even go for Mozilla Firefox but it is somewhat slow if compared to Google Chrome.

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