SuperBeam for PC Download & Install (Windows & macOS)

SuperBeam for PC: After the ban of the Chinese Apps for privacy issues in India, many of the suspicious apps were banned and some of them consisted of apps for sharing files and other apps between mobile devices like Xender and SHAREit, these apps offered versatility and comfort for sharing of different files and APKs between devices but because of the privacy issues it is our responsibility to stop using them.

But the users that depended on these apps do not need to worry as there have been similar apps that fulfill the purpose of sharing files over different platforms and of these day-saving apps is Download SuperBeam for PC.

SuperBeam for PC Download is available for PCs, Androids, and iOS devices and is an application through which we can share any amount of data in the form of music, files, APK, and pictures with lightning-fast speeds by using just WiFi Direct Exchange. And the good part is that it has a similar interface to apps like ShareIt and thus it will be very easy for users to get along with the app in the starting and makes the whole experience very soothing.

We have written this article for users to better understand how the SuperBeam application can help you in different ways, what it basically does, and moreover these following points:

  • Features of SuperBeam
  • How to install SuperBeam on your PC
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

superbeam download

Name SuperBeam v5.0.8
Size 13.74 MB
Requirement Windows 7/8/10
Author LiveQoS

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for macOS

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Features of SuperBeam for PC

  • Extremely fast transfer speeds when using WiFi Direct.
  • Pair easily using either NFC, QR code, or Sharing Key.
  • Quick pairing feature when two devices that need to be connected are joined to the same network.
  • Share any type of file including APKs, zip files, pictures, videos, music, and all in all folders of data altogether.
  • Users can view the history of all the data that has been sent and received.
  • Users can customize the looks of the application with the themes given in the settings tab.
  • A modern yet easy-to-use interface that is made with keeping in mind all the users.

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How to Download SuperBeam for PC

The team for SuperBeam has made it really easy for the users to transition from less performing apps and to download the application so that their lives can be easier, in this section of the article we have given you the full method for downloading the application through the official website and also the Android Emulator method. Please follow the following method to get the application downloaded:

Downloading the application through Chrome Browser (Direct Method).

  • First, open the browser and go to the official website of SuperBeam.
  • Now download the installer for the application from the browser and it should not take much time as it is of small size.
  • Now install the software and now you can start downloading the data/OBB for SuperBeam.
  • Now after the application has been downloaded, you can start using the app for super-fast transfers.
  • You can use the QR code or the option to find nearby devices for sharing your data from one device to another.

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Bluestacks Method

  • The Bluestacks method involves using an android emulator for downloading and using the SuperBeam application.
  • For that, you need to have the Bluestacks 4 Android Emulator.
  • You can get this software from the official website of Bluestacks and after downloading and starting the emulator, you will see an option for the Google Play store.
  • Click on the Play Store and type in SuperBeam and the app will appear.
  • Now you can download the application and start using it like normal to send and receive files.

download superbeam

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SuperBeam Alternatives

Here we have some of the best alternative apps that work the same way and can be also downloaded and installed the same way as SuperBeam:

Google Nearby Share

Google’s nearby share is not exactly an application but can be found when you click on the share option in either the gallery or the files app and this can be used when both the devices have “nearby share” on and then you can share all the data between the two devices with instantaneous speed.

Files Go

Files go is an application that works exactly the same way that SuperBeam does and also consists of some bonus features, this app also can work like a junk cleaner for deleting obsolete files and cached data other than sending and receiving files with wonderful speed.

Z  Share

Z share is the most interesting app of all of these apps as it has been found and developed by a 21-year-old BCA student for showing his contribution to the BoycottChina Movement, but do not think of the app before you use it as the application is well deserving the hard-earned fame and with the most simple user interface of all these apps and the ability to share all the data that you need without any hidden cost is as amazing as it gets.


If you are on the lookout for the application that is most similar to SuperBeam or ShareIt, then you should try seeing the Zapya application because all the features on offer are the same but the cool thing is that when you open the application you will directly see the QR Code there, waiting to be scanned, this can be so hassle-free when you are in a rush or do not want to waste any time.

All these apps that we have mentioned here are good alternatives to the SuperBeam applications and they can help you with your data transfer needs. Please read the next section for any queries that have still remained.

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Please read out these FAQs for solving any queries that you have:

  • What is the maximum transfer rate I can get?

The optimal rate you can get with low-end devices is 20-40 Mbps and the maximum rate the application can achieve is up to 70 Mbps.

  • What can I do if I my transfer rate is really slow?

We would recommend the user to switch on and off the wifi settings and this should solve the transfer rates problem.

  • Where do all the files shared/received go?

All the files that are received are stored under the SuperBeam directory in your files app

  • Which TCP ports does SuperBeam for sharing data?

Sometimes the app will use any port that is available first at random or from these selected ones:









  • Does SuperBeam support office use devices(on contract devices)?

The carrier-locked devices block off the necessary connections needed for the app to work and thus NO, the application does not support these devices.

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We hope that we have helped you with downloading the application and solved all your queries through our FAQ section of the article. SuperBeam for PC is has been the savior for the people who need a wireless transfer of data at super high speeds and we are sure that this app will help you with all your data transfer needs.

Have a nice day.

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