Chiwi TV for PC Free Download & Install (Windows 10/8/7 & MAC)

Chiwi TV for PC is a video streaming application specifically designed for Android devices. This video streaming application offers a vast collection of videos such as TV shows, documentaries, series, sports, news, and a lot more for free.

Chiwi is an IPTV application that covers a lot of TV channels in various categories to provide unlimited entertainment to the users without any restrictions. By accessing the Chiwi TV application, you can also enjoy live streaming.

Chiwi TV for pc

Application Name Chiwi Tv
Application Size 9.53 MB
Category Video Streaming
Version 9.8
Requires Android 4.4 and Up
Price Free

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What is Chiwi TV?

Chiwi TV is a video streaming application that enables you to access a wide variety of TV channels. You will find that all the TV channels are placed in different categories within the Chiwi TV app. Here, you can easily select whatever you want to watch from the options of TV shows, series, adult channels, news, etc. Moreover, its user interface has everything in English, but all the content found in the Chiwi TV application is mainly intended for users who speak Spanish.

Chiwi TV is the perfect application that enables you to stream a lot of premium IPTV channels with just a single click. However, you need to know that Chiwi TV does not permit video streaming offline, and you will require having a stable internet connection to access its content.

Features of Chiwi TV for Android & PC

The updated version of Chiwi TV Apk offers a wide variety of features in order to keep the users engaged and satisfied with the application.

  • The Chiwi TV application is a single-click option, and it is available for free.
  • This video streaming application does not have any registration or login procedures. You can directly access all its content just after installing the Chiwi TV app on your device.
  • Most of the content found in Chiwi TV is for Spanish-speaking users, but along with that, it also contains an English version.
  • Chiwi TV for Android & PC has a huge content library to provide the users unlimited entertainment.
  • It comes with a simple and easy user interface that makes it easy for Chiwi TV users to access its content.
  • Chiwi TV Apk supports various third-party advertising.
  • Unlike the other video streaming applications, Chiwi TV does not support offline video streaming. You will be able to watch the videos only if you have a strong internet connection.
  • It includes a high-speed server that enables you to enjoy smooth video streaming.

How to Download Chiwi TV for Android?

The steps for downloading Chiwi TV for Android have been provided below.

  1. In order to download the Chiwi TV application for your Android device, you will have to make a click on the download link provided above. 
  2. Once you have clicked on the download link, the Chiwi TV Apk will start its download process. Within a few minutes, you will find that the Chiwi TV Apk has been successfully downloaded on your Android device. 
  3. The Chiwi TV Apk file will automatically be saved in the ‘Downloads’ folder of your device. 
  4. In the next step, you will have to go to the Settings application of your device. Open the Settings app and then scroll down to Security. 
  5. In the Security menu, you will find the option of Unknown Sources. Now, you will have to Turn On the Unknown Sources in order to allow third-party app installation. 
  6. Once you are done with the previous step, go to the ‘Downloads’ folder and then click on the Chiwi TV Apk file to initiate its installation. 
  7. A dialog box will appear asking you permission for installation. There, you will see the Install option. Hit on the Install option to complete the installation of Chiwi TV.
  8. It would probably take 2-3 minutes to complete the installation procedure. Once it is successfully installed on your device, you will find the Chiwi TV app icon appearing along with the other app icons on your app screen. 

How to Download Chiwi TV for PC?

If in case you want to access the content of Chiwi TV on a bigger screen, then you will have to download the Chiwi TV application on your PC or desktop. We have provided below the step-by-step guide on how to download Chiwi TV for PC to help you enjoy Chiwi TV on a bigger screen.

  1. Chiwi TV has been specifically designed for Android devices; hence, you will need to install a good Android Emulator on your PC in order to download the Chiwi TV app. 
  2. There are a lot of good Android Emulators that you can download and install in order to create an Android atmosphere on your PC. But, as of now, we will go with the BlueStacks Android Emulator
  3. Go to your most preferred web browser and visit to download the BlueStacks Android Emulator. There, you will find the BlueStacks setup. exe file for download. Make a click on it to initiate its download process.
  4. In a few minutes, the BlueStacks setup. exe file will be downloaded on your PC, and it will get saved in the ‘Downloads’ folder. 
  5. In the next step, move to the ‘Downloads’ folder and locate the BlueStacks setup. exe file and double-click on it to start its installation.
  6. As soon as the installation is over, you will find the BlueStacks icon appearing on your home screen. 
  7. Now, you need to download the Chiwi TV Apk from the download link provided here. 
  8. It will take some minutes for the Chiwi TV Apk file to get downloaded on your PC. Once it is successfully downloaded, the Chiwi TV Apk file will directly move to the ‘Downloads’ folder. 
  9. In the proceeding step, you will have to drag and drop the Chiwi TV Apk file to BlueStacks to begin the installation of Chiwi TV. 
  10. Within some minutes, Chiwi TV will be installed in the BlueStacks Android Emulator, and its app icon will show up on the BlueStacks home screen. 

Chiwi TV Apk for Smart TV

Chiwi TV is also available for Smart TV. You can easily stream all the content of Chiwi TV through their TV’s web browser. The Chiwi TV Apk is supported on branded televisions like LG, Samsung, TCL, Philips, BGH, Noblex, Sony Bravia, Zepter, Vizio, Element, Beach Camera, Sinch, Durgadgate, Hitachi, Westinghouse, Sharp, JVC, and the list goes on. By accessing the Chiwi TV official website, you can enjoy all its content on your TV screen. All that you need to do is that you will have to visit the Chiwi TV web portal through your TV set-top box or Firestick browser.


Chiwi TV is considered to be an extensively reliable application for streaming IPTV channels. If you are looking for a perfect app that fulfills all your streaming requirements, then the Chiwi TV app is the perfect one-stop solution for you. Here, we have tried to cover everything that you need to know about the Chiwi TV application. I hope it helps.


  • Is it safe to use the Chiwi TV Apk?

Yes, even though Chiwi TV is not supported by Google Play Store yet, it is considered to be safe and secure by the users.

  • What is Chiwi TV for Android & PC?

Chiwi TV is a third-party video streaming application that allows streaming the content of IPTV channels for free.

  • Why is my Chiwi TV Apk getting failed?

Your installation of the Chiwi TV Apk file might be failed if you opt for an older version of it. Try installing the latest version of the Chiwi TV Apk file.

  • Is Chiwi TV free?

Yes, Chiwi TV is an absolutely free video streaming application. It is available for free download, and you do not even require to pay any subscription fee to access its content.

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