PdaNet For PC Free Download & Install (Windows 10/8/7)

PdaNet for PC is a mobile-based VPN that can be used to establish a secure internet connection between your mobile device and personal computer. PdaNet is widely used by people because of its fast and reliable connectivity. Download PdaNet For PC on your android mobile device, the users can establish internet connectivity on their laptops with the help of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB cable. This application works a little differently.

The user needs to install the app on their Android mobile, and also they have to install its software on their PC, then only it will work. PdaNet can be downloaded on both Mac and Windows devices. You can enjoy internet tethering without any limit, but only if you have purchased a subscription to the premium version of the PdaNet app. The basic or the free version has a data usage limit, after which your PC will get disconnected from your mobile phone.

pdanet for pc

Name PdaNet
App Version
App Size
Supported Android Version
4.1 and up
Last Update February 2022
License Type Free
Download File PdaNet APK

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So, to avoid such disturbances, it is advised to use the premium version of this app. This app is also available on the Google play store along with its official website and has been rated very high by the users. It has a very simple design and layout that makes it very handy for people to use. But, for those who use heavy internet on their PC, it is advisable to use a Wi-Fi connection instead of mobile internet. 

Features of PdaNet for PC

  1. It allows you to use your mobile internet on your PC. 
  2. It establishes a very secure internet connection. 
  3. There are three different ways to connect your mobile and PC using this app, so it’s a very versatile platform. 
  4. It has a very simple interface, so people can use it with little effort. 
  5. There are certain configuration requirements to use this software on your PC as the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mode does not work on all versions of Windows and Mac.
  6. Also, it cannot be downloaded on iOS devices, so you need to have an android device to establish the connection. 

How does PdaNet work?

PdaNet works on your PC by detecting the currently active network connectivity on your mobile device and then by sharing the internet to the PC via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth wireless connections, and USB cable. This process is known as tethering, and the best part about this app is that it can locate the untapped high-speed internet connection on your mobile device and then enables the users to use the connectivity on their personal computers. This helps the users to take complete advantage of their mobile internet, which many times gets wasted. PdaNet has a built-in feature that can override the default network settings on mobile devices that restrict the connectivity. These settings are set as default or factory reset settings to put a limit on the phones for sharing the internet with multiple devices, and if you want to do so, a fee has to be paid for ensuring that your mobile does not restrict data and internet sharing. Thus, the unique feature of PdaNet is capable of surpassing this setting and helps in the free sharing of mobile carrier internet connection to the personal computer. 

How to install and use PdaNet on PC and Mobile Devices

To install and use PdaNet for PC and mobile devices, the users have to go through the instructions written below: 

PdaNet on PC has a set of apps that must be there in the mobile and PC of a person to use mobile network tethering. The first app is for the Android or Chromebook device, which the users can either download from the Google Play Store or they can go to the official website of PdaNet and download the version that suits their OS and other configuration requirements. The PC client application is required for establishing Wi-Fi and USB cable connections. To ensure that the USB connection is established successfully, the PC app will ask you to download and install a generic USB driver that will let your PC defect any of modern Android devices, whether mobile phones or tablets, and automatically connect to them. 

Once both the applications are installed successfully, the first thing you need to do is to enable internet sharing on your mobile device using PdaNet and then enable it on your PC, so use the mobile internet. You can easily locate PdaNet on your PC once it has been installed, as it will appear on the desktop in the taskbar in date and time at the bottom. The icon will change once a secure connection has been established between your PC and mobile. Users have to connect with their Android device manually, or even they can activate the automatic connection feature if they tend to use a USB drive. The PC will automatically detect and connect with the available mobile device after that. To make sure that the speed of the internet is fast and browsing is smooth and more secure, the users can select the option of redirecting all DNS queries to Google DNS.

One thing that the users must keep in mind is that many mobile operators have not allowed the use of PdaNet applications and have blocked them. Thus the users cannot download the ao=app from the play store. If your mobile device falls under such a category, then you can download the APK file of the application from its official website as per the version of your mobile device. PdaNet is a completely free application, but by default, the internet sharing session is stopped automatically after a while in the basic version. So, to remove this limitation, users can purchase the full version of the PC client application by paying a minimum amount of $20 per annum. 


Some of the FAQs that can be really helpful for users have been listed below: 

  • Is PdaNet a secure application for establishing an internet connection?

Ans – Yes, PdaNet is a very secure app as it has been rated very high in terms of security on the play store as well as on its website. So, you can rely on it to share information by establishing an internet connection. 

  • Can this application be installed on Apple devices?

Ans – Yes, PdaNet can be installed easily on Macbook and other Mac Devices, but the iPhones and iPads do not support this application, and it is not on the Apple play store, and neither has an iOS version on the official webpage. 

  • Which versions of Windows do the PdaNet App supports?

Ans- PdaNet supports the following versions of the Windows operating system: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64. 

  • Does PdaNet occupy large storage space?

Ans – No, PdaNet is a very light software, and it has the following storage requirements:

For Android devices, the File Size is197 KB and 

For Windows, the File Size is 3.1 MB

  • How many versions of PdaNet are currently available?

Ans – This application currently has three versions available on its official page, but the play store has only the latest version

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