iBooks for PC Free Download (Windows 10/8/7 & MAC)

iBooks for PC: These days, it can get tough to segregate time for reading, especially with a physical book in your hand. However, e-book apps make things simple and accessible for all by offering our favorite titles within our phones and laptops themselves. One such excellent online reading app is iBooks for MAC, offered by the software giant apple.

ibooks for pc

Name iBooks
Size 25.6 MB
Requirement Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Author Apple, Inc.

iBooks for PC (.exe)Click on the button to start downloading...

for macOS

iBooks for PC (macOS)Click on the button to start downloading...

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Steps to download iBooks on PC

  1. Download iTunes.
  2. Open iTunes > Copy iBooks on your PC.
  3. Transfer your books and start reading. 

Launched in 2010, this app has been made for reading books on iOS or Mac devices. It is known to be one of the smoothest, easiest and extensive e-book applications in the market and has received a huge number of downloads. 

In this article, we have provided you with a full detailed guide on how to download and use iBooks for PC.

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Guide to get iBooks on your Windows PC

  1. Firstly, navigate to the official website of apple by clicking here and downloading iTunes.
  2. After downloading the app, click on the file once to install it on your PC. 
  3. Once it is done, Launch the iTunes app. 
  4. Locate the iBooks that you have saved on the app and select it by right-clicking on it. tap on the “Show in Windows Explorer” option and your iBooks will be copied onto your PC. 
  5. After completing the transfer, once again right-click on your book > select your preferred location on the PC. it would be ideal to set up an e-book reader such as Adobe Reader on your laptop. 
  6. In case you wish to copy a number of books, you can follow the same procedure and select the book files together simultaneously for transferring.

You have now successfully set up iBooks for PC. simply add any book of your desire and enjoy reading on the big screen!

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Features of iBooks for PC

  • iBooks offers texts available in 18 different languages to cater to a variety of audiences. 
  • Users can customize text size, text fonts, among other things with fonts such as Baskerville, Cochin, Georgia, Palatino, Times New Roman, Verdana, Athelas, Charter, Iowan Old Style, and Seravek available for choosing.
  • You have the option to modify your screen brightness from the application itself. 
  • Words can be chosen and looked for throughout any book. 
  • you can find the definition of any word in the book. Simply select the word, right-click on it and click on the define option. The app offers a concise explanation of the selected word. Additionally, you can also perform a Wikipedia search for it. 
  • you can highlight passages and parts of the book they find meaningful and wish to refer back to. Furthermore, notes can be made under the highlighted portions. 
  • Three kinds of themes are offered based on user preference:

Normal: black text on a white background

Sepia: sepia text on an off-white background

Night: light grey text on a black background. 

  • The “Auto-Night Theme” is a smart innovation that alternates between the three themes as per the current light conditions to offer the perfect brightness to the user.  
  • The gray background option is a unique addition that is not available in most e-reading applications. 
  • Apple Books also organizes books that are part of a series when you are on the “All Books” section. Upon selection, the books that are present in the series are displayed in the order that they were published, which includes books of the series that you have not bought. Books you haven’t purchased have prices mentioned at the top right corner and colored in green. 
  • Purchasing options are simple and hassle-free and you can easily buy any book with a few simple clicks. 
  • Page layout options are varied which include 3 types: Book, Full Screen, and Scroll. Within the Book or Full Screen layout options, one can turn the pages by tapping or dragging the page/screen. The animations have been included to create a book reading effect similar to reality. In the final option i.e. Scroll, page-turning effects are absent and the book appears as a single unbroken piece of text that you have to read vertically from the browser. 

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Final word

The internet offers a massive variety of e-reading applications today that differ in various ways. iBooks for PC stands out as one of the best options due to the top-notch quality of its design, its excellent collection, its simple interface, and much more.

There are practically no cons to this application and simplifies reading to a large extent for all. If you’re looking to download a good e-reading app on your PC, this is something you should surely try out!

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