5 Best Apps To Buy Cryptocurrency In India for PC

5 Best Apps To Buy Cryptocurrency In India for PC: Cryptocurrencies are trending in this digitalized world and everyone is looking for an opportunity to invest their money in crypto assets. With the sudden hike in the prices of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Etherum, and many more, every investor wants cryptos to be a part of their portfolio. Even the Bollywood stars and big celebs can be seen promoting this digital currency on several platforms. Cryptocurrencies are creating a buzz in the Indian market as well, and their growing demand is attracting the attention of everyone. There would be several queries and questions in your mind regarding this new digital form of investment,  like how can you trade in cryptocurrency online, how can you book profits, etc as many of you may not be aware of crypto assets.

So, the best solution to answer all your queries and make you understand the entire ecosystem of cryptocurrencies is the crypto exchange apps. You can easily buy or sell any cryptocurrency by checking their prices, using these applications in India. So, if you are planning to invest your hard-earned money in cryptocurrency, then here is a list of the five best apps in India that can guide you throughout this process.

How does a Cryptocurrency Exchange App help in trading?

For those who do not have any clue about cryptos, crypto exchange apps are the best remedy. These are mobile applications that let you access the details of various cryptos online without much research. Users can easily know about the different cryptos, their current prices, the expected returns from buying a particular cryptocurrency, and the entire guide and process of trading in cryptos very quickly. This gives them the ease of both buying and selling cryptocurrency. The crypto exchange applications are gaining huge popularity these days and many fintech firms are launching new apps that can make the buying and selling of cryptos very easy in Indian rupees. Most of these applications are available for both android and iOS mobile phones, the users just need to sign up to the app using their mobile number or email address and they are ready to trade.

5 Best Apps to Buy Cryptocurrencies in India for PC

Although cryptocurrencies have not been declared as a legal tender in India, the regulatory authorities and government have allowed various private companies to start trading cryptos in their ventures. This has led to the development of several apps that you can use to buy and sell cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, etc with their mobiles.

The 5 most popular apps are:

WazirX for PC

Wazirx app download for pc

WazirX is one of the leading mobile applications acting as an exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. This app allows users to buy and sell cryptos in Indian rupees, US Dollars, P2P, and BTC. There are more than 100 cryptocurrencies available for investment on WazirX. One unique thing about this crypto exchange app is that it has its own crypto coin called WRX, which the users can easily buy and sell in INR. It has a very promising feature in the Information section, where the users can play various contests and win WRX Coins. Also, WazirX charges a very minimum commission of 0.2% on every transaction which makes the investments very affordable. It is a very secure app as the users can protect their account using a 2FA or passcode. Also, for trading, you need to do a KYC check, which is very fast in WazirX. This app can be accessed through Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. Also, the speed of transactions is very fast due to its advanced infrastructure. The users can start the trading with just INR 100 using RTGS, IMPS, NEFT, and UPI payment options by depositing the amount to the WazirX wallet, where UPI payments carry no transaction cost.

CoinDCX for PC

coinDCX app download for pc

Coin DCX is one of the most versatile crypto exchange apps in India. It has a very user-friendly interface and allows you to set up the entire trading platform just with one OTP by verifying your email address and mobile number. With CoinDCX you can trade in more than 200 crypto assets in India. This application gives you a lot of information about investing in cryptocurrencies and the ecosystem of trading in cryptos in the virtual world, by going to the setting menu. It charges 0.1% as fees from both buyers and sellers, but it allows you to trade in INR only. The maximum limit on withdrawal from CoinDCX is INR 1000 and the users can deposit the money for the purpose of trading through NEFT, UPI, RTGS, or even bank transfer. This app gives you an interest of 2% on idle lying crypto assets in your portfolio. You can trust the security of this app as it uses Google authentication to verify the identity of users and every withdrawal demands the passcode set by you.

Unocoin for PC

unocoin app download for pc

Unocoin is the oldest crypto exchange application in India, which was developed in 2013. It has more than 1.35 million customers in India and is one of the most trusted applications for trading crypto assets. It has a very simple interface and supports many crypto assets, but the three most traded ones are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. You just need to install the app from the play store, sign up and fulfill the KYC details to initiate the trading. This app also has a maximum withdrawal limit of INR 1000. Unocoin has a very unique feature of schedule sale that allows users to auto sell by going to their profile. The best feature of Unocoin is that users do not have to pay any commission or fees for doing any transaction or even depositing money into the wallet. It is a very secure platform, as users can set the password and also biometric ID to secure their transactions.

ZebPay for PC

zebpay app download for pc

It is another popular crypto exchange app that is widely used in India. Zebpay is a very old application that allows users to trade in crypto assets, with just one mobile number and fulfilling the KYC information. The best feature of this application is the refer and earn option where the users can get a 50% off on trading and transactions when you will refer the app to someone and that person downloads and uses the application. The minimum deposit that can be made for trading is INR 100 using UPI and INR 1000 using other payment methods. It has users worldwide and charges a minimum membership fee of 0.0001 BTC every month. Zebpay charges 0.15 percent fees from buyers and 0.25% from sellers, but when a user buys and sells cryptocurrency on the same day, only 0.10% of fees are charged on every transaction. This app charges INR 10 on withdrawal from other cryptos but for Bitcoins, the charge is just 0.0006 BTC.

Coin Switch Kuber for PC

coin switch kuber app download for pc

Coin Switch Kuber is gaining popularity these days as it is endorsed by big Bollywood celebs and is also featuring in the IPL ads these days. This crypto exchange application has got the back of big venture capitalists like Sequoia. It allows users to trade in more than 100 types of cryptocurrencies. CoinSwitch Kuber promises to offer the best rates of crypto assets and booking of higher profits on trading To open an account on this app, users need to create a four-digit pin number that will be used for every transaction and using the app. This app has attracted investors by offering free transactions to the first one lakh users for 100 days. You can do NEFT, Bank transfer, or UPI payment apps like PhonePe for PC for trading using Coin Switch Kuber. There are some issues with the security of information with this application that needs to be improved a bit to gain the trust of the investors.

These were the five best cryptocurrency exchange apps for PC in India and the users can easily buy or sell cryptocurrencies using these applications, with several features like ease of access, easy interface, the flexibility of payment, and withdrawal.

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