16 Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps to Download

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker is application software that allows investors to track the total current market value of all the crypto assets held by an investor across different wallets, blockchains, exchanges, and other investment platforms. It is an application that helps in determining the current value of your cryptocurrency portfolio, including the transaction history, value, and sources. Also, they can provide you with the live prices of various crypto assets traded on different exchanges so that you can make an optimal investment decision. Different crypto portfolio tracking apps function in different manners and have different features, but they have some common agendas.

These apps let users add in the different crypto wallet addresses used by a person and help in valuing the current net worth of the crypto coins held by him based on the currency and the historic or original price of the cryptocurrency. To do so, crypto portfolio tracking software and applications use API integration with crypto wallets and exchanges to get all the data. Good and effective applications are the one that helps the investors to make real-time decisions about buying and selling a crypto asset and help in maintaining the crypto portfolio. Many of these applications even have advanced charts and value prediction tools, that help the investors understand the worth of different crypto assets and make a profitable decision.

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List of the 16 best crypto portfolio tracker apps that can be helpful for investors in maintaining their portfolios.

  1. BlockFolio

  2. Coin Market Manager

  3. CoinsStats

  4. Delta

  5. CryptoCompare

  6. CryptoWatch

  7. AltPocket

  8. Lunch Money

  9. Investing.com

  10. Blox

  11. CryptoPro

  12. Altraday

  13. Shrimpy

  14. CoinTracker

  15. Kubera

  16. CoinMarketcap

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Now let’s look at each of the apps for tracking your cryptocurrency portfolio.

  • Blockfolio

It is one of the most popular and best crypto portfolio tracking applications which covers almost every crypto asset traded by exchanges globally. It has more than 6 million users and users can integrate their wallets from 15 crypto exchanges using this application and can value the net market worth of their cryptocurrencies. It has an AI-based tool named Signal that provides all the information about the trading of crypto assets and cryptocurrencies held by investors in their portfolios. Blockfolio has a special feature that you can use to set price alerts. It is a free mobile application that is available on android as well as the apple play store.

  • Coin Market Manager

It is a platform that allows users to establish connections with their preferred crypto exchange and helps in the management of all the cryptocurrencies in one place. Using Coin Market Manager, investors can import their cryptocurrency trade history with a single click. The various exchanges that this application supports are BitMex, Binance, BITTREX, ByBit, etc and it uses advanced analytics to retrieve the breakdown of trading history, overall exchange PNL, and performance analysis of the crypto portfolios of investors. This app automatically journalizes the trade records thus is a very handy application. It has a free or trial version of 14 days after which the users can purchase the subscription of professional, enterprise or CMM unlocked plans. Users can also use the basic version free of cost.

  • CoinStats

CoinStats is a platform in the form of a website that supports several devices like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Apple TV, iWatch, iPad, widgets, and even Google Chrome extension. It is a very versatile platform for tracking crypto portfolios. Using Coin Stats, users can track more than 800 cryptocurrencies globally worth more than $100 B and across 26 crypto exchanges and 34 crypto wallets. It also helps investors to track transaction history and provide a detailed analytical view of the different cryptocurrencies. The charting tools of this platform helps investors to make their future trading decisions by predicting the future prices of cryptos in their portfolio. You can also trade using CoinStats and it has a basic version free for all but with limited features, while the pro and premium version costs $3.49 per month and $13.99 per annum respectively.

  • Delta

This application is best for ICO investors and holders. It is one of the toughest competitors of Blockfolio as it has 1 million users and it can support more than 3000 cryptocurrencies globally. It has a very good feature that allows ICO support services so that the investors can add their preferred crypto coin to the portfolio even when no exchange or wallet supports it. It is also capable of tracking trading charges. Using Delta, investors get the notification of all the upcoming ICOs and their expected prices. It is widely used by the ICO teams to provide information to investors. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices. It also has a free and a paid version costing somewhere between $ 70 to $80 per annum.

  • CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare is a free mobile and web-based application that not only helps users to track their crypto portfolio but also provides data as a service, content, widgets, and price aggregator for different websites.  It is the best crypto portfolio tracking app for regular traders. With this app, you can track the live price of more than 5000 cryptocurrencies and value your portfolio. CryptoCompare creates interactive charts that allow tracking any cryptocurrency very easily.

  • CryptoWatch

CryptoWatch is a web-based portfolio tracking application that supports all types of computer and mobile devices. It allows the in-app trading of crypto assets and investors can easily determine the value of cryptos in their portfolio as per their current prices and in comparison to 1000 other cryptocurrencies. This app is owned by Kraken which is a very popular crypto exchange. Investors can track the correlation between two cryptocurrencies using this app. It has a chatbox throughout which the investors can interact with each other.

  • Altpocket

Altpocket is a socially inclined crypto portfolio tracking and management application that allows investors to track the portfolios of other investors and interact with them to manage their portfolios. Also, the investors set a notification that informs them when another investor buys or sells a particular cryptocurrency. You can apply filters to follow the best investors on the leaderboard and then can trade accordingly. You see the trading of investors you follow and get an idea of what is emerging in the crypto market.

You can also see news, info, and buzz about the coins that you want to buy. It is a completely free application.

  • Lunch Money

It is a multi purpose application software that allows investors to track and manage cryptocurrencies and fiat money both. It also allows you to prepare normal budgets for your monthly expenses along with crypto portfolio valuation and tracking. Lunch Money supports all big crypto exchanges with the help of Zabo. You can also integrate your credit cards and bank account and calculate your net worth. It provides a trial of 14 days and the subscription fee is $6.67 per month.

  • Investing.com

Investing.com is a crypto portfolio tracking application which can be accessed on all computer and mobile devices whether Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS. It is a very popular application among crypto investors as it allows in app trading and tracking of prices of cryptocurrencies. It also allows investors to create charts and compare two coins that helps in market prediction. Investing.com supports 30 cryptocurrencies. It can also be used for tracking other investments like stocks , ETFs, commodities, and Forex markets.

  • Blox

Blox is a B2B platform that allows professionals and enterprises to manage the crypto portfolios by accounting and tracking crypto assets and their performance. It can also serve B2C customers. You can easily import excel and Google sheets on this platform. Blox allows investors to do in app trade and the cryptocurrencies can be brought in Euros. It can be used in integration with different blockchains, wallets, and cryptocurrency exchanges and is a free application.

  • CryptoPro

CryptoPro is the best portfolio tracking application for daily traders. It is a very big and effective application as it supports more than 5000 cryptocurrencies and 120 exchanges. So you can always track your portfolio holdings. It is a very secure app as it allows you to put in biometric locks. Investors can sync all their crypto investments at one platform. It has a free and a paid version with basic and advanced features respectively.

  • Altraday

Altraday is an advanced crypto trading and tracking platform that is best for diversified crypto traders and investors in managing their portfolios. It supports multiple crypto exchanges like Binance, BITTREX, Coinbase Pro, KuCoin, BitMex, Kraken, etc. It has features like real-time notifications and alerts, a break-even calculator, portfolio tracking, charting tools, prediction of future prices of cryptocurrencies, etc. It can also trade-bots like Nefertiti, Apex Trader, Crypto PHP, etc. Users can opt for the basic plan that costs 12.59 euros per month or the premium plan which costs 29.25 euros per month.

  • Shrimpy

Shrimpy is a very user-friendly crypto portfolio tracker that supports 17 crypto exchanges. It also has the feature of trade automation and you can easily value your crypto portfolio using it. It has a free version for individual users but professionals and enterprises can use the premium version costing $13 per month and customized prices for enterprises.

  • CoinTracker

CoinTracker is an application that is most suitable for crypto investors and traders who need to report and manage capital gain tax on cryptocurrencies. Using this app, users can easily connect all their exchanges, wallets, and DeFi platforms and it will automatically synchronize the crypto balances and transactions of an investor’s portfolio. This app supports more than 300 crypto exchanges and 8000 plus cryptocurrencies. With this app, investors can track the performance of their cryptocurrency portfolio over a period of time. It automatically computes capital gains/losses and taxes and is very effective in tax reporting. Investors can generate tax reports and file annual returns using this app.  It has both free and premium versions and supports both web and mobile access.

  • Kubera

Kubera is a very diversified application that only helps in managing cryptocurrencies but also stocks, ETFs, and several traditional financial instruments. With this app, investors can add and integrate multiple crypto wallets and exchanges and is very helpful in managing the crypto portfolios. It supports Windows, iOS, Mac, and Linux devices but cannot be used on android devices. It is not a free application and has only one version which costs $12 monthly.

  • CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is a very advanced crypto tracker that can track the live prices of more than 11000 cryptocurrencies. It has a comparing tab that can be used to compare the performance of any two crypto coins but it cannot Integrate data from cryptocurrency exchange and wallets so you have to type every detail to find out the value of your portfolio. It has very advanced analytical tools.

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