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Clash of Clans for PC is prominently known as a widespread game among teenagers. Basically, you will be able to see a village wherein the inhabitants dwell peacefully under your clan’s protection. Later, you send them out in the world to fight battles while also proving how much brave they are. Not to forget, this game is purely cartoon styled and hence, does not contain anything explicit. Players are able to create their desired army, which is specifically known as clans. And these clans have to clash with other clans from all over the world.

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Name Clash of Clans
App Version
App Size
Supported Android Version
4.4 and up
Last Update Feb 2022
License Type Free
Download File Clash of Clans APK

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Sounds fun, doesn’t it? With all of these amazing features and traits, there is an interesting feature too. In this feature, you can clash your own clan with one another or you can connect with other clans, which is mainly known as Clan Wars. Also, this game is absolutely free of cost while playing but if you want to enjoy more advanced features, you should totally go for the paid option. Along with the strategy and tactics that the players need, it possesses astounding management skills that are essential in order to win.

Although Clash of Clans for PC is so much popular among teenagers, there are some issues that are faced by beginners. These issues may occur because of their interface not being friendly or they do not understand where to start from and the list just doesn’t end. In this particular article, we will be guiding you on how to download Clash of Clans on PC and how to play it on your PC. Apart from all the characteristics that have been stated above, Clash of Clans for PC is further entirely elevated for the Android software. Therefore, let’s go through the process of downloading the game on your PC.

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How to download Clash of Clans on PC?

Downloading Clash of Clans on PC is actually not much of a big deal. Although, there are some things that you need to keep in mind while going through the process. Firstly, you will be needing an emulator in order to download the game on your PC or laptop. Even though Clash of Clans is not available officially for the PC version, there is a way through which you can download Clash of Clans on PC. This is possible just because of an Android emulator. The best Android emulator for playing Clash of Clans on PC is proved to be LDPlayer. LDPlayer is considered to be the most lightweight emulator in terms of its functioning and performance. Along with Clash of Clans, LDPlayer runs very efficiently without any known crashes or fails. Let’s see how to download Clash of Clans on PC.

  1. Download LDPlayer Emulator on your PC in case you did not download it earlier.
  2. As soon as you download it, install it and open the LDPlayer emulator. The process of installation is very effortless as well as undemanding.
  3. Initially, the emulator might take up some time to load. After the emulator opens, you will be able to see the Home screen of LDPlayer.
  4. Also, in some cases, LDPlayer is installed beforehand in the software so there is no need to take up the trouble of actually downloading it and then later installing the emulator too.
  5. LDPlayer must be pre-installed in the Google Play Store. Hence, as soon as you will open the Google Play Store, and double-click on the icon to open it on your PC.
  6. After you open the emulator, enter Clash of Clans for PC in the search bar. As soon as you will search the name, you will be able to see its name.
  7. Click on the Install option to install it immediately on the LDPlayer emulator.
  8. After the emulator gets installed, you will be able to find it under the LDPlayer list.
  9. Lastly, just double-click on the Clash of Clans icon located in the LDPlayer list and the game is all ready to play on your PC.

This works amazingly on both Android as well as iOS devices. In case you have an app file, LDPlayer also allows you to function the game through it very smoothly. In this case, it is not necessary for you to install it through the Google Play Store yet downloading the application through Google Play Store is preferred.

LDPlayer is considered to run remarkably with all the devices and is recommended to all the devices. Just in case you do not wish to follow the procedure that is mentioned above, you can also go for another method. Another method comprises of using the MEmu Player Download. After LDPlayer emulator, MEmu Player is endorsed for playing Clash of Clans on PC as it very adaptable for beginners and is also very much docile. Let’s see on how to download Clash of Clans with the help of MEmu Player.

  1. Similar to LDPlayer, download and then install MEmu Player from the Google Play Store. As soon as you will download it, you have to visit its website and download the software from there.
  2. The emulator would be installed and go to Google Play Store and click on its icon to download it on your PC.
  3. Search for Clash of Clans on Google Play Store and hit the Install button.
  4. Finally, the application would get downloaded and you will be able to see it on the home screen of MEmu Player.

How to play Clash of Clans on PC?

  • In the initial segment of the game, players can build their own village which can consist of both, the buildings and towers, and people who will protect the village when the opponents will attack.
  • The game mainly makes use of four important elements including gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems. These are useful for the advancement of buildings and troops as well as upgrading to several new items.
  • The combat encounters are scheduled for exactly three minutes which happens when the attacks and defenses take place.
  • Along with the feature of communication of different players from around the globe, Clash of Clans provides a single-player game with levels of 51 to 75.
  • As soon as you will assemble your castle, you will be able to join several groups and also begin to participate in providing goods and articles.
  • When a leader of any clan dares the other leader of any clan, it will be declared as Clan Wars mode and both the leaders would be provided with one day of preparation as well as one day of the war.
  • When they will be fighting a war for a day, the players would be able to fight individually and whoever wins would be concluded as a winner.

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