Among Us for PC Download & Play Online (Windows & macOS)

Among Us Online is a multiple-player game that is based on the theme of social deduction. In Among Us for PC, players form teams and try to find out the opposite team’s hidden identity and role with the help of reasoning.

Among Us has a space-based background theme where the players live the character of animated astronauts. A game studio company named InnerSloth LLC  launched Among Us in 2018. It has recently gained huge popularity among the players.

In this game, each player can either be a crew member or an impostor. The crew members have to find out the impostors and eliminate them by performing different tasks.

While on the other side, the impostors have to protect themselves from being identified and eliminated. We can do this either by killing the crewmates or by creating a disaster that cannot be undone.

Among Us for PC is a very interesting and attractive game.  The developers have made several additions to the games.

For example, the crewmates can now become engineers, scientists, or guardian angels and help in completing different tasks.

The impostors can take different roles so that they can mingle up with crewmates. Once a crewmate dies he cannot get alive in the same game again, but they can become a guardian-angels.

Such a unique concept of this game has made it so likable among game lovers.

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Among Us download

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Features of Among Us

The most significant features of Among Us are as follows:

  1. It is a multiple-player game that we can play online only.
  2.  At least 3 players are necessary to play it with a maximum limit of 15 players, while 5 players are recommended to enjoy the game.
  3. This game is available on various platforms and OS like Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox series, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, etc.
  4.  Among Us for PC  supports cross-platform playing. It means that players can use different hardware devices like smartphones, video game consoles, PC, etc to play it together.
  5. It has several customized features which give the users a great gaming experience. For example, they can adjust the speed of the player, can decide the number of tasks in the game, etc.
  6. Also, they can change the color of accessories for players like space suits, hats, pets, etc, and many of these accessories are downloadable.
  7. While playing the games, the two teams can keep emergency meetings to discuss their strategy like who appears to be an imposter, how to kill a crewmate, etc.
  8. This game has three different levels and maps which are basically the locations where the players can play the game. These three maps are Polus, Mira HQ, and Skled. Here the Skled map is advantageous for crewmates and the other two for impostors.
  9. Also, the players can chat with each other while playing the game. It makes the game more interesting and fun for the players.
  10. It has a very basic graphical interface so it does not occupy huge storage space on your device.
  11. We can download it very easily from the Play Store and from its official website.

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Among Us for PC Online

For Windows Users

We can play Among Us directly on a Windows-based PC as only this version is available till now. To download and install this game on your Windows-based PC follow the steps written below:

  1. Firstly, open the Microsoft Store on your PC and then search for Among Us there.
  2. After that, we should download the game on PC and install it. For that, we need to double-click on the downloaded .exe file of the game and set up the installation process.
  3. Once we install Among Us, then we need to log in to it using our mobile number or email address.
  4.  After that, we can set the user name with which we want to play the game.
  5. After that, we are all set to play Among Us on your PC freely.
  6. We can play Among Us on PC using the basic keys like the arrow keys and spacebar to move forward, backward, or jump.

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For Other Users

Those who use Mac, Linux, or Windows OS-based devices not compatible with Among Us can also play this game on their PC. For that, they have to install an android emulator on their system.

An android emulator is third-party software that helps users to run android applications on different devices easily. We can use any emulator like BlueStacks, Nox Player, etc as they are free. Follow the steps to download and install Among Us on your Mac, Linux, or other incompatible PCs using BlueStacks:

  1. Firstly, open any web browser on your PC and then go to the official website of BlueStacks, the link for which is given below.
Download BlueStacksClick on the button to start downloading...
  1. After that, click on the download button and wait for the emulator to be downloaded completely.
  2. Then, click on the downloaded file to install BlueStacks. A setup window will appear on the screen. It will ask you to agree to the terms of use to install the emulator successfully.
  3. Click on the “I agree” button and then click Next. After that, select the desired storage path where you want to store BlueStacks on your PC by clicking on the browse button. Then click on ok.
  4. Now, BlueStacks will be installed in a while on your PC. After that, open BlueStacks and sign up using your Google Account credentials.
  5. After that, an android-like setup will appear on the screen of your PC.
  6. Go to Google Play Store and then search for Among Us.
  7. Click on the download button and then install the game on your PC.
  8. Now you just need to sign up and play the game. Just remember that to play Among Us on non-compatible systems, you have first on Bluestacks, and then only you would be able to play Among Us.

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Among Us is a very interesting and fun game and is played by millions of users globally. The developers keep on adding new features to this game. It makes the game more attractive and trending among game lovers.

It can be played with any device, you just need to have a good internet connection. So, if you are looking for a good deduction-based game to play online, Amoung Us can be a great choice.


  • Is Among Us a free game?

Ans – Yes, the basic version of Among Us is free, but to get some additional features and accessories, users need to purchase the subscription.

  • Can we play Among Us on Mac devices?

Ans – Yes, we can play Among Us on Mac devices with the help of an Android Emulator.

  • Does Among Us supports Xbox Console and Play Station?

Ans – Yes, Among Us is compatible with the XBox Series console and Play Station.

  • How many players can play in one game of Among Us?

Ans – A minimum of 3 players are required to play Among Us and the maximum number of players in a game can be 15.

  • Can we message each other while playing Among Us?

Ans – Yes, it has an inbuilt chat system through which we can message each other.

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