HotStar Download for PC (Windows 10/8/7) Free & Installation Guide

Do you want to download the app Hotstar for PC? Please read it here.

Hotstar PC Download is a movie streaming application where you can find Bollywood and Hollywood movies easily. It is an Indian app, and hence, you can find many Indian TV shows and local content in the app.

Features of Hotstar App for PC

For knowing any app, it is vital to know the uses of the app. So let us simply read and understand the main features of the app Hotstar.

  1. Available in 17 languages- If you are looking forward to watch the movie in your favorite app, then you really can do it with ease. The Hotstar App Download for PC is available in 17 different languages where you can find all the regional languages easily to stream. No matter which language movie you are looking to watch, you can anytime stream the one you want to. All the Indian regional languages such as Tamil. Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada and etc are available in the app to stream.
  2. Availability of subtitles- Suppose if you want to watch a movie, but you aren’t able to because you don’t understand the language. What would you do? In that case, you can simply use the app Hotstar because the app also has subtitles available in it. All these subtitles can be read and turned on at any point by any customer. No matter if you are using the paid version or the free ones, if you are using the English subtitle or some other language one, you can get it all in the app for free. And the best part is that even though the content is playing, you can add the subtitle anytime, or if it is in some other language, then also, you can change the language.
  3. Option of skipping the intro- Who would like to watch a boring introduction part of a film? Well, watching those boring introductions can be really annoying at times when you have got limited time to watch movies, but you have to watch unnecessary content in it. But with the option of skip intro in the app Hotstar, you can anytime skip the introduction and watch the movie straight from the beginning.
  4. Easy to use app- Who likes using those apps which are very complicated? Well, honestly, even though the technology is not something new to the majority of people these days, people still prefer using those apps which are very easy to use. One such app, which is very easy to use, is Hotstar. You can anytime browse the content in the app, and you will find that the content is available in a very mannered way. You do not have to get confused about it as everything will be categorized so you can stream it with ease.
  5. Free and premium version- The Hotstar app for PC can be used for free of cost if you want to. You can stream all those contents which are listed in the free streaming. However, if you want to use the premium version of the app, you will have to pay for the same. You can do it either yearly or monthly accordingly. If any chance you use the premium version, you can then stream all the latest movies and shows, which are premium. If you watch a daily soap, you can even watch it before the episode airs on TV.
  6. Quality selection- In the app, you will see that you can choose any quality for stream the movie or show of your choice. The app has a customized option for their users to choose the quality in which they want to stream the content. If it doesn’t suit them, they can anytime switch to another one through the app itself.
  7. Free LIVE TV channels- Okay, so if you are using the app Hotstar, you will have the option to access all the live channels of cartoon shows, movies, news channels, songs and etc. for free of cost. Yes, all these live TV channels are available in the free version of the app as well.

hotstar app download for pc


Name Hotstar
App Version
Varies with device
Category Entertainment
App Size
Varies with device
Supported Android Version Varies with device
Last Update Dec 2021
License Type Free
Download File Hotstar APK

Download Hotstar for PC (.exe)Click on the button to start downloading...

Download Hotstar for Android (.apk)Click on the button to start downloading...

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Hotstar Download for PC

Hotstar Download is a video streaming app, and hence, you would like to watch it on your PC instead of your device. If you want to download it for your iOS or Android device, all you need to do is to download it from the app store, and you are good to go.

However, if you want to download it for your PC, you can not download it from any store since the app officially isn’t available for any Windows or Mac. But you still can download it with the help of an android emulator. Yes, if you use an android emulator, you can download the app easily.

So follow these steps and know how to download Hotstar for PC Windows.

1. You must click on the link given here and download the android emulator, which is free of cost called BlueStacks.

Note that we are recommending you to download BlueStacks because it is an easy android emulator to use.

2. Download and complete the installation process of the emulator.
3. Now, if it is done, then open the BlueStacks and then log in to your google account and activate the google play services.
4. Now login back to your Google Account.
5. Open the BlueStacks app and go to the Play Store and search for the Hotstar PC.
6. Now click on Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt Ltd developers Hotstar for Windows and then click on the Install button to start the download process.
7. Now once it is done, Hotstar will be downloaded and installed on your PC. Wait for it.
8. Once it is done, you can see the icon of Hotstar on your screen and open it.

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By following the given guidelines, you will be able to download the app Hotstar for PC with the help of an android emulator, which is free to use.

Hotstar PC FAQ

What is the Hotstar app?

Hotstar is an app where you can stream movies and shows online without using any torrent website.

Is the app Hotstar have a free version?

Yes, if you don’t want to pay for using the app, then you can anytime use the free version of the app. For doing that, you only need to download the app once and stream the movies and shows available online for free.

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What is Hotstar VIP?

Hotstar VIP is a paid version of the app Hotstar where you can watch and stream the movies, which are exclusively for the paid users in the app. You also can view the shows which haven’t been telecast yet.

Can I download Hotstar on Android?

Yes, you can download the Hotstar app in your android device. For doing that, you can simply go to the app store and download it now.

Can I download Hotstar on iOS?

Yes, you can download the Hotstar app on your iOS device as well. You can do that from the app store.

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Can I download Hotstar on PC?

Officially, you can not download Hotstar on your PC, but with the help of an android emulator, you can do that easily. We have shared the steps above.

By following the method given here, you can download Hotstar on your PC. Also, if you are still experiencing any issue, please let us know.

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