Top 8 CamScanner Alternatives for PC Download

CamScanner for PC is a one-in-all mobile app for scanning your documents by taking pictures. With the help of this app, you can easily convert your photo into text.

It has other exciting features like adding a watermark or a signature on the documents and can even protect them by using passwords.

Like other apps, it is not devoid of problems. There is a watermark on every page of your scanned document unless you pay for it.

Another concern that users may have faced is that CamScanner for PC does not provide coloured copies of documents and sometimes, it also crashes down while uploading a file of great size.

Why not look for other apps that provide the same services as Camscanner?

In this article, I will share the top 8 alternative apps for Camscanner that you can give a try.

What are the Top 8 Camscanner Alternatives?

If you are not satisfied with Camscanner or just looking for a more reliable alternative, these are my top 8 picks.

  1. Adobe Scan

The first on the list is Adobe Scan which is on the lesser-known side of the market. You can easily download it on your phone without spending a penny except for the fact that you have to sign up.

But why should you use it if you are not getting something more than Camscanner, right?

Adobe Scan comes with an in-built boundary detection feature that can automatically detect the edge of each page of your document.

You can also choose from different modes like ‘whiteboard’ or ‘book’ that fit your document. Once you have done that, you can extract the text from the image and convert it into any desired format like pdf, gif, jpeg etc.

With Adobe Scan, you can now make both sides of your ID Card appear together on a single page, that you can’t find in Camscanner.

You reuse, refashion and recreate a document from the images from any of your devices- mobile, laptop, computer, tablet and have the features like new mark-up tool, highlights, notes, and shapes at your fingertips.

And the most important feature of Adobe Scan is that you can get coloured copies of your text. If there is any mark or crease on your text, you can make it perfect by using the smart clean-up tool that Adobe Scan exclusively offers.

Lastly, there is no hassle in the conversion of your image to any form of document.

Download Adobe Scan for PC Here!

  1. Microsoft Office Lens

The next app that you can use is Microsoft Office Lens. If you are a Microsoft Office user, then this app would be a nice fit for you.

Like Adobe Scan, it comes with the boundary detection feature, and different scanning modes like whiteboards, photos, documents and business cards. Unfortunately, the ID Card feature is not available on Microsoft Office Lens.

It works well with drawings, sketches, and images and makes them easier to read.  But the main advantage that you have with this app is that you can easily integrate any Microsoft Office apps with this image scanner app like OneDrive, OneNote, MS Word or Powerpoint documents.

Whether the documents are saved as pdf, Word or PowerPoint documents, you can easily access them through OneDrive and can even export them to your desired location.

Users can get rid of any discrepancy like the issue with the angles or marks in the document by using the various editing tools.

Download Microsoft Office Lens for PC Here!

  1. Google Drive

If you are an avid user of Google apps than Microsoft ones, it is the best alternative you can get.

There is no need to download any other app to access the scanning feature as Google Drive comes with an in-built document scanning feature.

Google Drive can scan any type of document and organise them for your entire life. So, if you are an android user, you can import any file from your Gmail or desktop and convert them into a pdf, jpg or jpeg file.

It comes with an automatic boundary detection feature but it doesn’t really take you through the whole process. That means you don’t really get the chance to adjust the document pages and land up with those that may have strange or incorrect border margins.

In addition, you get free storage in Google Drive where you can save your documents without worrying about space.

Download Google Drive for PC Here!

  1. TapScanner

The fourth alternative is TapScanner. You can scan, print and share your documents.

With TapScanner, you get control over every feature of your images. Unlike other apps, you can customize your images the way you want.

It easily works with receipts, photos, documents and even QR codes. It is always possible to adjust the colour contrast and use various filters.

And the automated border detection feature sets it all.

Download TapScanner for PC Here!

  1. Notebloc

Notebloc can be a strong competitor to Camscanner. It does not compromise the quality of images.

With Notebloc, you can trim the edges of images using the Smart edge tool and start implementing your creative ideas like drawings, sketches, and diagrams with this app.

Its unique writing and drawing tools make it more than a photo scanner app.

Notebloc supports cloud storage, various editing tools, and OCR integration and converts documents into pdf, gif, jpeg, jpg and png format.

Most importantly, you will not get any watermark in the scanned documents that most people have a complaint with Camscanner.

Download Notebloc for PC Here!

  1. Scanbot

Scanbot has almost all the features of Camscanner like smart edge detection, editing tools, multipage search etc.

It comes with an auto-creation tool where you can annotate your document, edit it and even enable the batch mode to start scanning multiple documents together.

Download Scanbot App for PC Here!

  1. Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable can scan everything important to you. From handwritten notes, and insurance files to business cards, ID cards, and warranty cards, Evernote Scannable will work everything out for you.

You don’t have to worry about the storing of these files. You can easily save it forever in Evernote and access it from anywhere.

Download Evernote Scannable for PC Here!

  1. TurboScan

The last on the list is TurboScan. If you are looking for an alternative to Camscanner, it definitely fits the requirements.

But if you are not up for limited scans, TurboScan is not the best choice for you. The unlimited access only comes with a paid subscription for TurboScan.

It excels better than other photo scanning apps in offering a wide range of editing options to users. After taking the picture, you can literally turn a coloured picture into a black and white and vice versa.

Download TurboScan for PC Here!

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has helped you find the Best Alternatives to CamScanner available on the web. It does not matter what you use, iOS or Android, the best options are waiting for you.

Then why settle for the second-best? There is always something better waiting for you to try.

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