Asphalt 8 Download for PC (2022 Latest Version)

Asphalt 8 for PC: If you are a lover of racing games, it is not possible that you haven’t heard of Asphalt 8. It is one of the most exciting racing video games published by Gameloft. Here, in this article, we will learn How to Download Asphalt 8 for PC.

If you are a gamer, you cannot afford to miss this article as we will elaborate on many different ways to download asphalt 8 for your PC.

About Asphalt 8 Airborne?

Asphalt 8 is published by Gameloft Asphalt of their Asphalt Franchise. It is a racing video game where you have more than 300 licensed cars and motorbikes, 75 tracks.

The best part of this scheme is it is available in both online and offline mode. You can play this game individually but also the multiplayer racing mode is available.

Though it is a video game, you will get real-life experience off getting into a luxury car like models of Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porshe, or driving a wide variety of motorbikes.

So now let’s get ready two downloads this app on your personal computer laptop or desktop whatever you would be using.

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Asphalt 8 System Requirements 

Before downloading asphalt 8 on your PC you might need to look at the requirements that your device or system should fulfill.

  1. Your PC needs to have a 1GB ram minimum.
  2. It should have Windows 7 or 8 or 10 installed in it.
  3. A 2GB free hard disk is also required.
  4. the CPU of your PC should have code dual 1.2 GHz or above.

Now if your PC fulfills all the mentioned requirements that should be there in this system, you can move on to downloading the asphalt 8 app.

but if you’re stuck with the question of where or how to download the app, we have the solution here.

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So let’s dive in.

Asphalt 8 For PC

Developer Gameloft SE
Size 177 MB
Category Games
Version 6.2.0e
Requirements Windows 7, 8, or 10
Downloads 100,000,000+

Download Asphalt 8 (.exe)Click on the button to start downloading...

for macOS

Asphalt 8 Download for PC (macOS)Click on the button to start downloading...

How to Download Asphalt 8 for PC

Here we will elaborate on three ways to download asphalt 8 on your PC. The first one is through the link we have provided below. The second one is through Microsoft Store and the last one is downloading any kind of PC emulator like BlueStacks 4 for PC, LDPlayer, Nox Player, etc.

Now let us look at each of the ways and whatever way suits you the most use it to download Asphalt 8 for your PC. Also Check: ROBLOX Download for PC

Download Asphalt 8 on your PC through the link we have provided below

Out of the three ways, this is the simplest one to execute. All you need to do is find the link to the file of the asphalt 8 app that we have provided at the end of this article.

  1. Find the link to the app file at the end of the article here.
  2. Click on the link so the downloading of the app can get started.
  3. No go to the Download Manager on your PC and find the app file that has been downloaded. Click on the file and it is how it will be installed soon.

Download the Asphalt 8 App on your PC through Microsoft Store

Before you start racing in Asphalt 8, you can quickly download the app on your PC using this method. The following steps are-

  1. Open your PC and go to the Microsoft Store.
  2. Now type ‘Asphalt 8’ in the search box and it will appear on your screen.
  3. You can also go to the official website of Gameloft and find out the Microsoft Store download link there.
  4. In both cases, you just have to click on the download button.
  5. When you reach the Windows Store, there will be a ‘get’ button right next to the app.
  6. You need to click on that button to start downloading.
  7. there can be some requirements that the app will check on your PC and after it is done the downloading process we’ll get started.
  8. when the download is complete tap on the app icon and starts playing Asphalt 8 on your PC.

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Download the Asphalt 8 Airborne Game through a PC Emulator

Now if you don’t want to download the app through the Microsoft Store, you can check out the third way.

The third and the last method to download the Asphalt 8 app on your PC it’s true downloading a PC emulator in your system. To complete the process, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below-

  1. In this method, you need to download a PC Emulator. Here we will elaborate on the process using LD player.
  2. now there is a link to the LDPlayer app at the end of the article from where you can download the app.
  3. Click on the link and once it has been downloaded, install it on your PC.
  4. the installation will require you to log in with your ID. So sign in and open the LD player.
  5. Once it has been done open the play store in LDPlayer as it is already inbuilt.
  6. now search for asphalt 8 in the play store.
  7. You can click on the download button and the process will get started within a few minutes.
  8. then install the app on your PC and start enjoying the games.

So these are the three ways through which you can download the Asphalt 8 app on your PC.

The first one is through the link we have provided below the second one is through the Microsoft Store and the last one is through a PC Emulator.

Now you can try downloading the app through whatever method you are most comfortable with.

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Features of Asphalt 8

Let us discuss some features of the app which may help you to understand the game properly and can give you an insight into the game.

  • In this game, you can pick your own car which you want to drive and the newest version has 10 additional cars that are readily available in asphalt 8 on your PC.
  • Handling the car is also very simple. press if you want to go right press the right button, if you have to go left Then press left. And if you want to stop the car or slow it down push the brake.
  • This game has HD features, new sounds music graphics, and animations.
  • In this game, you can explore new locations while you race.
  • It has two gaming modes- single and multiplayer options.
  • You can even refuel your vehicle in the newest version of the app.
  • You earn rewards and credits for each race.
  • Check your Rank on the World Series and ponder on how well you perform.

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Apart from these features, there are many interesting ones that you can explore once you download the game on your PC.

Final Thoughts 

Wrapping up,

It is needless to say how exciting this gaming app can be. Downloading it on your PC would be beneficial for you to play as the exposure will be big than a mobile screen.

But before you Download Asphalt 8 on PC, you might need to tick off the requirements that the device needs to fulfill. Otherwise, you won’t be able to download it. So better to check it beforehand.

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