Thunder VPN for PC Free Download & Install (Windows 10/8/7 & MAC)

Thunder VPN for PC is a Virtual Private Network app that lets you access any website from any location in the world. It lets the users change their IP address through one click only. Thunder VPN is considered the most user-friendly app of its kind. In case some websites are restricted in your area, you can visit them with the help of this app. The other benefit of using this application is that it will keep your web search data and history safe from hackers. 

If you have used any other similar VPN app and were not satisfied with the experience because it was either too slow or did not work at all, then let me assure you, dear readers, this app is not like that. Many people are happy and satisfied by the use of this app, and they have remarked on how fast it is still running. If you want to know more about this app and how to download it, read further.

thunder vpn for pc

Name Thunder VPN
App Version
Category VPN
App Size
Supported Android Version
4.1 and up
Last Update December 2021
License Type Free
Download File Thunder VPN APK

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What is Thunder VPN?

Thunder VPN PC is a Virtual Private Network App that allows users to access every website anywhere in the world. A lot of applications offer the same services, but Thunder VPN for PC is among the best ones. There are other apps that are slow or, worse even, fake. Some of them are outrageously bad that they do not even deserve a single star. Thunder VPN for PC Download is very user-friendly, and it is faster than all the other apps that are providing similar services. 

Once you download it and start using it, you will realize that it is no doubt the easiest app to operate. With just one click, you can connect to any other network present in the different parts of the world and easily watch anything. Sometimes, access to some websites is prohibited by the government or the head of the organization. With the help of this network, you can change the IP Address of your server and visit those websites.

How does this VPN Work?

Geo-Restrictions do not work on Thunder VPN, and people can easily access any website even if it is blocked. This app is simple and fast to use. You can connect with any virtual private network with the help of one button. You only need to click on the button that says connect, and you will be connected to a device that has some other different IP Location.

You will get a choice of various IP Locations on Thunder VPN, and you can finalize any address of your liking. You can also set it on default, and it will connect to the nearest and best Proxy server that is available. In case you are using Thunder VPN, your search history and data available on WiFi will be safe and secure from the hackers or people who track these things. 

In case you have used any other VPN apps for PC, you might have come across the issue of speed. A lot of Virtual Private Network Apps become slow after they have been used. However, this is not the case with Thunder VPN. No matter how long you use this app, it will maintain its fast speed. You will not come across the issue of slow speed while using Thunder VPN. This is a wonderful application that allows people to visit the most popular websites from any IP address and at any time. If you want to experience all these things yourselves, read the next section to know how to download and install this application on your personal computer.

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Procedure for downloading Thunder VPN on your computer

Thunder VPN is available for android devices. In case you do not have an android device and are disappointed, then I have good news for you. It is now possible to access android applications from any device. This has been made possible by the development of Android Emulators. Android Simulators let you access and use on all devices any application that was developed for an android device.

Although there are a lot of Android Emulators available online, we suggest you use Bluestacks or Nox App Player. It has been observed that Bluestacks work best on windows devices, and Nox App Player is good for computers with Mac operating system.

  • Download and complete the installation of the Android Simulator on your computer.
  • Allow the simulator to Run and make changes on your device
  • Once this process is complete, go to the homepage of the application and enter all your Google account details
  • You then need to click on the Google Play Store icon
  • Type ‘Thunder VPN’ in the search bar and click on the app
  • Download and install it on your computer by completing all the formalities
  • Once this app is downloaded and you have set it up on your computer, it is ready to be used.

Virtual Private Network apps allow users to make changes to their IP address and visit any website of their choice. There are a lot of apps available in the market that claim to provide these services. Some of them sadly do not work and are just a fake gimmick. Download Thunder VPN for PC is a tried and tested application that helps users to access websites by changing their location. This app is very fast and easy to use. It is only available for android users, but you can download and use it on your Windows or Mac computers with the help of Android Simulators.

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