Inshot Video Editor for PC Free Download & Install (Windows 10/8/7)

Inshot Video Editor for PC is one of the most popular and very dynamic editing application software that can be used for editing videos, and images. It has a humungous user base because of the excellent features it provides the users to edit their videos and make them perfect for posting on social media platforms, use for commercial purposes, etc.

Inshot Video Editor PC is available on both PCs and mobile phones and it works really well. Using Inshot Video Editor for Windows, a person can edit videos free of cost within a minimum time.

It has a very user-friendly interface as all the editing options have been categorized in a nested form which can be easily accessed from the dashboard present at the bottom of the layout. Further, it also allows editing the pictures along with videos for free.

Inshot for PC as the name suggests is a very simple and easy-going solution to make your pictures and videos ready for final use. The features for editing can be accessed by just scrolling the menus and icons from left to right.

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download inshort pc

Developer InShot Video Editor
Size 56 MB
Updated 23 February 2022
Version 1.738.1327
Requirements Windows 7, 8, or 10
Downloads 100,000,000+

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How to Download InShot Video Editor for PC

Generally, for using InShot video editor on mobile phones, the interface, and system development is in such a way that a video editor would run automatically, so it can be downloaded from the google play store but for PCs, the built-in systems many times do not support applications like video editor, photo editor, etc, so for downloading Inshot in your PC, the user first needs to download an emulator which can be Windows-based or mac based depending upon the system a user owns or uses.

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An emulator is software that helps in running other software and programs on a personal computer by making it a completely different device. These are very helpful in smoothly running video and photo editing apps Download for PC along with other software.

Usually, for windows users, the Bluestacks app is suggested over Nox Player App as it is much easier to install and use. Inshot is a very user-driven application that focuses on creating professional-level videos and audio. Follow these steps to download and install InShot on personal computers.

  1. As mentioned above, a user first needs to download an emulator to download InShot on a PC or Mac. So, for that, there are different types of emulators which can be downloaded from the internet but the two most commonly used ones are Bluestacks and Nox which can be easily downloaded on both Windows and Mac devices from Google Play Store and Mac Store respectively.
  2. After downloading and installing Bluestacks or Nox from the official site, install it on the PC by agreeing to its terms and conditions of usage.
  3. Once it will be installed successfully, open the emulator and in the search bar write Inshot video editor and click on the search option.
  4. The emulator will search for the Inshot application on the web and an icon representing the InShot video editor for PC will appear on the screen, you just need to click on that icon.
  5. As soon as you click on the icon you will be directed to the respective app store page which could be google play store or mac store based on the operating system of the device on your emulator from where you can download the InShot video editor just like you do it on your mobile phone.
  6. Search in the app store, Inshot video editor, and click on download.
  7. Once downloaded install it and sign up for the app.
  8. After the installation and signing up are completed, you can use it smoothly to edit your videos and photos by opening it in the emulator downloaded by you earlier.

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Features of InShot Video Editor for PC

Inshot Video editor provides a wide variety of features to edit the videos, pictures, by adding filters to them, trimming the videos adding filters and effects to them, adding text, pictures, etc. Also, it allows trimming the videos, merging two or more videos together, adding a soundtrack, etc.

Here is a list of all the features that are available in this video editing software:

  1. It provides various options like trimming the video in short clips, removing a part of the video, combining two or more videos together, and also adjusting the speed of the video by slowing it down or fast-forwarding it with different intensities.
  2. This app also allows to add frames in the videos and photos, blur the sides, adjust it in the square proportion, etc to make them ready for being posted on social media platforms.
  3. In short, has a very effective feature of adding and removing background noises and sound as per the requirements of the user. The user can put various soundtracks in the background, remove background noises, etc by controlling the volume.
  4. Moreover, users can add their voiceovers to make personalized videos. This feature is very easy to use as it follows a timeline so that the sound can be put even in one part of the video or in the different parts.
  5. Also, it allows creating videos with the photos by editing them and adding sound.
  6. Inshot also provides the feature of adding text, emoticons, and stickers in videos and images and these can be easily synced with the help of the timeline feature.
  7. Also, there are many filter options to enhance the appearance of videos and pictures like natural, black and white, bright, etc. along with rotating, flipping, and other such options.
  8. A very useful feature of Inshot applications is that it does not distort the quality of pictures and videos and maintain a high resolution.
  9. With this app, the size of the videos can be easily changed and compressed to make them a perfect fit for social media platforms and it even makes the transfer easy by compressing its size but not compromising with the content and quality of picture or video.
  10. Also to use the advanced features, the plans for subscription ids very flexible and affordable that suits the needs of all types of users.
  11. It also provides the option for making video and picture collages very easily by allowing multiple images in one single frame.
  12. Also, the contrast, brightness, etc can be adjusted easily, and shadowing effects can also be incorporated in it. Such features make this application very useful for content creators.
  13. This app provides two categories of features to the users, one includes the basic features that are free for all but it will show a watermark on your pictures and videos, so to get rid of that watermark the second category can be used that includes advanced features, for which the users need to pay a small subscription fee.
  14. The transition of text and emoticons is very smooth and the various frames provide a base for editing the videos.

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  1. Does Inshot allow sharing files directly?

Ans – Yes, edited videos and images can be shared directly from InShot to WhatsApp, Facebook, Email etc.

  1. Can the resolution of the video be changed in InShot?

Ans- Yes, InShot allows videos and pictures to be saved in three resolutions, 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

  1. What are the different subscription plans for InShot premium?

Ans- The plans start from $3.99 per month, $14,99 yearly, and for lifetime access it costs $34.99.

  1. Does InShot provide any tutorial for beginners?

Ans – No, it does not provide any tutorial, but its very easy to understand.

  1. Can Inshot application be used offline as well?

Ans – Yes, to edit videos and pictures using InShot, the internet is not necessary.

  1. Is it a safe video editing app?

Ans- Yes, it is a safe app because it is on the app store & doesn’t steal your personal information or data.

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