5 Best Pokemon Emulators for PC Download & Install 2022

Pokemon Emulators for PC is an emulator specially designed for Pokemon Games that are usually played on video gaming platforms with the help of remote control or on gaming PCs. It is software that allows the users to play all their favorite Pokemon Games on their usual PCs, smartphones, and tablets. With the help of Pokemon Emulator users can play games on devices using different operating systems like  Mac, Windows, iOS, and even Android devices.

There are many Pokemon Emulators which can easily be downloaded using the internet free of cost and they will ensure that the Pokemon games which are supported by gaming laptops and desktops can run smoothly on a normal computer system.

Users do not need to worry about carrying multiple devices and systems to explore and play different games and they can do it in just a few clicks, sitting at their homes.

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Most Popular Pokemon Emulators for PC

A list of the most popular and useful Pokemon Emulators which you can download for PC has been provided below along with their details, users can install any of these emulators easily as per their suitability and requirements.

TGB Dual

It is a very popular and reliable  Pokemon emulator for Windows-based devices. It has a very friendly interface and display,  so the users can play games hassle-free. The best part about the TGB Dual emulator is that the users can open and play two different games at a time using it on their Windows device. You can swap the Pokemon and other characters between two different colors, blue and red. The two different people can play two different pokemon games with TGB Dual just by adding an external remote controller to your system. So, it is best for two people who have only one system and they cannot decide which game to play. You just need to install this emulator on your system and play all your favorite pokemon games like it is a free emulator and you do not need to incur any cost.

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Mupen 64

It is an open-source pokemon game emulator that can support different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, and Android. Mupen 64 is a very versatile emulator and comes under the category of N64 emulators available on the internet. It is updated regularly by the retro gaming community and the best feature of this emulator is that users can get the code to make their pokemon emulator by manipulating them. You can play all the pokemon games very easily and it is used by gamers and developers all over the globe. One of the most important functions in playing pokemon games is the C-button function and most of the emulators cannot support it, but Mupen 64 is capable of supporting these functions which are important for playing games like pokemon snapper, pokemon stadium, etc.

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Retroarch is a very special emulator as it is a one-stop solution for all Pokemon game lovers. This emulator can support all the different console operating systems and Pokemon games present to date. So no matter which device you use, RetroArch is the best solution for playing Pokemon games. You can also play games in 3D using this emulator which is one of the best features. It is open-source free software that is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Raspberry, etc and many other operating systems. This emulator can also be used directly on the web which reduces the need to install the application on your PC are other devices.

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Citra is an open-source Pokemon emulator that can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android-based devices to play Pokemon games and many other games. Citra is a very advanced emulator that allows the users to play games in a crystal clear 4K quality multiple player support system, which means that the same game can be played by multiple parties simultaneously and they can play different games also using the same account. Games like Pokemon diamond give a completely different experience on this emulator because the quality of the video is one of the most important things when playing a game so that you can feel it. It supports multifunctionality layouts and you can change the theme so that your game looks more interesting. Sidra is one of the best emulators for all types of DS games in recent times.


Dolphin is a Pokemon emulator that is very easy to install and use on android, Mac-based, and windows based devices. Different customized settings in this application allow you to make the games look as you want and you can add different features in Pokemon games as well. You can use this emulator on Windows, Mac, and Android-based devices. Emulator gives you a very amazing experience while playing Pokemon games because the resolution of the picture quality can go up to 4 and 5 k based upon the capacity of your device. The developers have launched an Android version of this emulator so that users can play their favorite Pokemon games on their Android devices as well.


Are Pokemon game emulators safe to use on PC or other devices which contain personal information?

Ans – Yes, all the Pokemon emulators mentioned in this article are completely safe and secure and you can easily use them on your device whether a PC or a smartphone because they add her to the regulatory and security compliances.

Which Pokemon emulator is most versatile and can support multiple consoles?

Ans – The most versatile Pokemon emulator in the list provided above, which can support different consoles like Android Windows Mac raspberry iOS extra is RetroArch.

Can these Emulators be used to play non-Pokemon games?

Ans – Yes, you can use some of the above-mentioned emulators to play other DS games which include Dolphin, Mupen 64. Also, we have posted a dedicated post to best DS Emulators.

Are all the emulators provided in this article free?

Ans – Yes, all the Pokemon emulators listed in this article are free and can be easily downloaded from their official website on your system.

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