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PS3 Emulator for PC: Today we have an article solving precisely all your emulator problems with a single application. That application is RPCS3.

RPCS3 is an open-source software used for emulating and debugging PS3 games and more and it is totally free to use and is compatible with Linux, Windows, and all types of FreeBSD operating systems. RPCS3 sure is not perfect but the support from the worldwide community is making the code base of the emulator stronger and glitch-free.

Today we have curated this article to tell you all about this application and how to install and use it and just in case, if PS3 Emulator for PC does not fit with your style, we also have prepared a section for the alternatives RPCS3. This article will tell you all about the application, like how to download, install and run it on your PC, and we also have a section for our readers to dissolve all their doubts and queries about the application.

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How to install PS3 Emulator PC

Now to first play your games, you will need to download and configure your emulator and we have provided extensive steps for doing the same, but first of all, the application will be downloaded in a ZIP format and extract and install you will need Best ZIP Extractors and we have a link for a good one right here “7-Zip for PC ”.

Now that you have downloaded the extractor, you can start with the steps given below:

  • For downloading the application, you will need to go to the official website of PS 3 Emulator to download the fitting version for your operating system “ ”.
  • Now download the version suitable for your system.
  • After this, using the extraction application, unzip the downloaded file and install it.
  • Now you will need to download the latest PlayStation3 System Software Update and this can be found here,
  • Now be sure to place this file into the same folder in which you have extracted the RPCS3 downloaded files.

PS3 emulator for PC Download

This is it for downloading and installing the application and drivers needed, now you can move on to the steps that will help you to configure your emulator and your gamepad.

  • Now you can run the application.
  • The next step is to install the firmware, go to File > Click on Install Firmware and click on the PS3 Driver file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Now to figure out your controller, click on the “Pad” button and you can change the settings as per your preference.

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Now to start playing games, you can click on the “File” tab > Add Games >, now you can just click on the folder that contains all the game files and make sure to not choose the games in the ZIP format.

Games like Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, COD: Black ops, and some more have some issues and glitches that are being worked on by the RPCS3 community and will be fixed soon and for checking out games that are compatible with the RPCS3 Emulator, please check this website for the same: “”.

Now for our readers that for some reason are not satisfied with the RPCS3 Emulator, we also have the best alternatives for the same.

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Alternatives for PS 3 Emulator 

Here are the best alternatives for the RPCS3 Emulator:

  1. OpenEmu

OpenEmu is also an Open source project designed for emulating PS3 games on PC, it uses the Sparkle Library for auto-updating.

  1. Nucleus

This application is also a PS3 emulator but developed as a closed source project like the other applications and thus lies on the lesser side for the updates.

  1. ShortWaves

Short Waves is a PS3 Emulator for PC/Desktop.


This section is curated specially for all your doubts and queries about RPCS3:

  1. How much stability can the users expect from the application while running intensive games?

This application is capable of letting the user easily boot into their favorite games and play them without any glitches or major software issues, but the stability of the emulator can vary from one game to another. It is not a matter of the size or the running needs of the game, it is more of a compatibility issue that should be solved within no time.

  1. What devices from my PlayStation3 can I use with the emulator?

The application supports peripherals like keyboards, mouse inputs, and controllers like the DualShock 3 /4, but no support has been initiated by the application for the peripherals like the PS Eye Camera or some of the Move Controller.

  1. Where can I download the genuine games for the Emulator?

You can use the games that you already have in your PS3 and play them like always, by transferring them into your PC, in the games folder, where you would have unzipped the download package for the Emulator files.

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We have told you about the whole procedure of downloading the RPCS3 Emulator and we recommend it over any other application but we have also provided our readers with the option to switch if they feel like it. All said this does not mean that PS3 Emulator for PC Download of low stature, but we wanted to simply provide the readers with sufficient options and before ending this article we would advise the readers to practice the art of moderation while gaming and also using only the genuine links we have provided to avoid viruses.

We hope you have a nice gaming session and have a nice day.

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