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XBOX Game Pass is a subscription-based video game playing service in the form of software. Microsoft corporation has launched this gaming platform.

Game Pass for PC allows us to access a wide range of video games from a very vast rotating catalog. It provides us with several others with premium services.

We can get access to services like EA Play and Xbox Live Gold. These are the two most popular video gaming platforms all over the globe.

Also, the design and layout are very interesting which attracts game lovers a lot.  It allows us to customize the theme and background of the software which gives a personal touch to this service platform.

Game Pass is very versatile application software that is compatible with several operating systems. These OS include Xbox Series, Windows 10/11 android, iOS, and iPadOS.

Although it is a subscription-based service, Game Pass has a very simple pricing model which ranges from $9.99 to $14.9 per month.

It is a multi-player video gaming service platform, so we can enjoy our favorite games with our friends at the same time.

It has more than 20 million subscribers all over the world and is the first choice for video gamers.

xbox game pass for pc

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Features of Game Pass for PC

Game Pass has several unique features that have made this service so popular among users. A few most prominent features of Game Pass are as follows:

  1. The Game Pass allows us to access hundreds of video games from a huge inbuilt catalog.
  2.  It supports the gaming consoles like Xbox and EPlay along with PC and smartphones.
  3. Game Pass for PC has a very user-friendly interface and the design attracts us a lot.
  4. We can download the complete version of the games to the console.
  5. This ensures that we do not face any glitches in streaming games online because of low bandwidth.
  6. Game Pass offers a wide variety of games from popular publishers like Capcom, Bandai Namco, WB Games, etc.
  7. It is capable of supporting even those video games that are not available on common platforms and consoles.
  8. Game Pass for PC gives the developers new opportunities to publish their games and even players get a unique gaming experience.
  9. Game Pass uses a subscription model which helps the players play those video games which have very high costs
  10.  We can download an unlimited number of video games to our console depending upon the storage capacity of the console.
  11. Also, the Game Pass for PC offers a discount to its members which can be between 10 to 20%
  12. To play games offline, we have to log in to Game Pass after every month to show the active subscription status. Otherwise, we will not be able to use this application.
  13. Also, we can chat with each other and get to know what our friends are playing on Game Pass.

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Steps to Download XBOX Game Pass on PC

We can download Game Pass on Windows 10 and 11 only, as other versions of this software have not been launched by Microsoft. Follow the steps written below to download and play games using GamePass on your Windows PC:

  1. Open Microsoft Store on your PC and then download the Game Pass App by clicking on the download button.
  2.  Also, we can download the Game Pass software from the official website of XBOX.
  3. After that, install the app and then sign up to the app using your Gmail account.
  4. After that, we have to purchase the subscription of Game Pass on a monthly basis to access all the video games from the catalog.
  5. Once we get access to the Game Pass library, we can search and browse for any of the games that we want to play.
  6. We can play online or download any game and play it on your PC.
  7. Select the game from the catalog and then click on the download button.
  8.  The extension file will be downloaded in a while and once we install the game, we can play it offline for a month.
  9. Users cannot download the Game Pass software on PCs with other operating systems like Mac or Linux. There is no version of Game Pass launched for these OS.

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Game Pass is a very popular video game services platform that has been in huge demand since the time it was launched by Microsoft. It was earlier named Xbox Game Pass and has been recently named as Game Pass for PC.

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It can support multiple Xbox consoles and operating systems.

It is a very good platform for video game lovers and also players can connect with each other on chat using Game Pass. It keeps the players updated about what others are playing and what’s trending in the gaming world.

So, it is a highly recommended software for video game lovers all over the world.

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  • Which company has developed Game Pass?

Answer – Microsoft Corporation has launched Game Pass.

  • Is it safe to use Game Pass on our PC for playing video games?

Answer – Yes, Game Pass for PC is a secure platform for video games services since all our data is encrypted.

  • Does Game Pass support Mac-based PCs?

Answer – No, Game Pass is not compatible with Mac-based PCs.

  • Is Game Pass a free video gaming software?

Answer – No, it is not free software, for accessing and playing video games, we have to purchase a monthly subscription.

  • Can we play video games online on the Game Pass platform?

Answer – Yes, we can play any of the video games online from the catalog of Game Pass.

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