Alexa App for PC Download & Install Free (Windows & macOS)

Alexa App for PC is an artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant that is hugely popular all over the world. Amazon Inc. has developed Alexa several years ago, and it is a free virtual assistant.

When we talk about virtual assistants, Alexa is one of those popular applications that comes to our mind at first. It uses the two most trending technologies, AI and speech recognition to provide us with the best possible assistance.

Alexa can recognize our voice and we can give instructions or ask questions to Alexa using our mobile phone or PC.

Alexa can help us in creating our smart home, as we can connect it to several smart devices like smart TV, watches, AC, etc. Also, we can perform several activities like setting an alarm, switching on lights, setting a calendar, etc.

It is a very useful application and installing Alexa for PC can be helpful for us.  Earlier Alexa was compatible with smartphones only but recently Amazon has launched its version for Windows 10 and 11.

As per the reports, Alexa has received very good reviews on the Play Store. It has more than 50 million users.

Features of Alexa for PC

In this article, we will tell our audience about all the significant features of Alexa that can make our lives simple and easy.

  1. Alexa can be used free of cost as it does not require any subscription.
  2. It can take and process instructions through speech recognition technology and can also give us answers in audio.
  3. We as end-users can operate and control several smart devices like smart  TV, bulbs, fans, etc.
  4. With Alexa, we can also book cabs, use different other applications, ask questions,  weather forecasts, etc.
  5. Alexa accepts commands both in audio and text so that it becomes easy for us to access its different features.
  6. Also, we can play your favorite songs, listen to the news, podcasts, etc using Alexa.
  7. To use it, we have to create an Amazon account on our device and then only can use Alexa.
  8. We can use Alexa to search for different products on Amazon very conveniently just by saying it, because of the speech recognition feature of Alexa.
  9. Alexa is a one-stop solution for all our daily needs starting from creating a shopping list, taking notes, making our home smart, entertaining yourself, booking appointments, checking schedules and calendars, etc.
  10. Also, we can make phone calls using Alexa and can record the conversation going on in a room once we say, Wake Alexa.
  11. Alexa for PC can be used by people of all age groups including kids, older people, and adults.
  12.  Even if we are not Pro in using technology, we can use Alexa easily as it has a very friendly interface.

Download Alexa App on PC

alexa app download for pc

Alexa was originally designed for mobile devices. But,  recently Amazon has launched the Windows version of Alexa which is compatible with Windows 10 and 11. So, we need to follow the steps mentioned below to install and use Alexa on our PC:

  1. Firstly we need to create an Amazon account if do not have one so that we can use Alexa easily.
  2. After that, go to the Microsoft Store, by clicking on the search button available on the home screen of the PC
  3. Then, we need to go to the search bar and Type Alexa App. We will see the option of downloading the Alexa App, click on the download button. Now we need to wait for the app to be downloaded successfully.
  4. Also, we can directly open a web browser like Chrome and search “Download Alexa on Windows”, and we will get to see various links to download Alexa App on their PC.
  5.  But our team advises you to download it from the official website of Amazon to ensure security and authenticity.
  6. Once it is downloaded, open the file by double-clicking on it or just do a right-click and select the option “Run as Administrator”.
  7. After that, Alexa will be installed in a few minutes on your PC. Once it is done, we need to sign up to Alexa using our Amazon account login credentials.
  8. Now, to use Alexa on our PC, just click on the “ Available” button or the “mike icon” and then speak up your command.
  9. Alexa will process it and will show the required results on your screen.
  10. We do not require any additional software or device to use Alexa on our PC. Alexa will use our system’s microphone and speaker to take the instructions and give the answers in audio format.
  11. Now we can use Alexa on PC to set reminders, alarms, check weather updates, listen to music, control your TV, smartwatch, etc. The only thing that is yet to be added to Alexa for PC is controlling our PC with Alexa, otherwise, we can do all other activities.


alexa app

Alexa is one of the most popular virtual assistants and is in huge demand these days. It can assist us in all our daily tasks and ensures that we do not miss out on important things.

The immense popularity and the advanced features of Alexa forced Amazon to launch the PC version of this app.  The developers are constantly working to improve the features in the Windows version so that we can use it efficiently.

If you are thinking of downloading any virtual AI-based assistant on your PC, then Alexa is highly recommended. The reason for this is its simple design and friendly interface that suits the needs of all age groups.

With this article, we hope to guide you through all the important features of Alexa and the most precise way to use Alexa on a PC.


  • Can we play songs using Alexa?

Ans – Yes, we can play any song in any language using Alexa.

  • Can Alexa help in shopping on Amazon?

Ans – Yes, Alexa can assist us in online shopping on Amazon as we can search for any product or item by speaking it.

  • Can we use Alexa to control Smart Devices?

Ans – Yes,  we can use Alexa to control smart devices like turning on and off SmartTV, bulbs, fan, setting alarm or reminders on Smartwatch, Smartphone etc, to make your home and office smart.

  • Can we use Alexa on our personal computers?

Ans – Yes, Alexa can be used on PCs using Windows 10 and 11.

  • Can we use Alexa to read and respond to our mails and messages?

Ans – Yes, Alexa can read and reply to our emails and messages, but for that we are required to change the settings and allow it to access our emails and other messages.

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