Tubi TV for PC Free Download Windows 7/8/10, Laptop (Official)

Tubi TV for PC: The twenty-first century has done a lot of advancements in technology and has made the lives of people easier. Our work, entertainment shows, games, etc., all can be found on the same device. We can edit and make new documents for our offices or schools, we can play games when free and now even a streaming app is available which helps us to watch movies at home. There is no need to visit the cinema hall. All kinds of entertainment are available at your home and at your convenience.

A new app for online streaming- Tubi TV has been introduced and lots of people are using it happily. It is completely free and legal to use this app to stream your favorite TV shows or movies on your computer. 

Tubi TV for PC

tubi pc

Name Tubi TV
App Version
App Size
Supported Android Version
5.0 and up
Last Update February 2022
License Type Free

Tubi TV for PCClick on the button above to start downloading...

Tubi TV for PCClick on the button above to start downloading...

Thousands of people have shifted from other streaming applications to Tubi PC to stream favorite TV channels. There are more than ten million users who are happy with the decision to use this application. If you are one of the people who is deciding to shift to Tubi then you have come to the right place.

We will tell you some of the best benefits of using this amazing app. Not only is it completely free, but it also has far fewer ads as compared to others. It is a hundred percent legal to use and it can be run on most of the devices as it is compatible with almost all the operating systems.

Installing TubiTV through Bluestacks

Tubi TV is very easy to download and install. If you are using a Windows device, then follow these steps to install it on your computer:

  • First, you need to download and install Bluestack on your Windows computer from Here
  • Enter the details such as Password, Google Account, and Language.
  • Then you need to launch it on your personal computer.
  • You will see the option of My Apps, click on it.
  • There will be many options, choose System App from it.
  • Choose Google Play and click on the Search Bar.
  • Type Tubi TV and download the app.

 Installing Tubi TV through Nox

If you are using an Apple product then it is advised that you download Tubi TV through Nox.

  • Install the Nox through the official source and install it.
  • Click on setup.exe and Run the app.
  • You need to give your permission to make changes to the device.
  • Once the installation process is over, several instructions will appear on the screen.
  • Choose the google play icon from all the options
  • Enter the details such as Google ID.
  • Select Nox and download Tubi TV for PC through it.

How much does Tubi TV for PC cost?

Tubi TV PC is completely free and you do not have to pay any money at any step. The source of income for the creators of this app is the advertisement. However, unlike any other free app, this does not show ads in the middle of your shows. If you want the benefits of free streaming and you do not want to be interrupted while you are enjoying your favorite show then you should download it today.

The main source of earning for the creators of this app is sponsorship and ads. They have purchased licenses to stream many entertainment shows and movies and have to purchase many more in the future. Who would not love the idea of not spending a single dime on a streaming app and getting all the entertainment for free? You will only have to watch ads at the beginning and end of the video for 5-30 seconds and enjoy your shows.

No payment of any sort is involved between the developers of this app and users. All they have to do is install the app and get access to entertainment shows for life. 

What content is available on Tubi TV PC

Tubi TV for Windows PC has recently entered into a partnership with many companies such as MGM, Paramount, Star, and Lionsgate. It streams movies and shows produced by these organizations. There are currently more than fifty thousand titles available that you can choose from. Apart from this, there are also other big Hollywood actors whose movies you can watch here.

If you are a fan of Leonardo di Caprio, Silvestre Stallone, or Dwayne Johnson then you will not be disappointed. There are many TV shows and movies available apart from these stars. In case you are a big fan of Bollywood and are not interested in Hollywood movies then you can choose to watch your favorite Indian movies. This app also supports the feature where you can choose the quality of your videos.

What devices support Tubi TV?

Tubi TV is an amazing choice for free movie streaming. In case you are wondering what devices will support this application then you do not need to conduct deep research since we have already done it for you. If you are a proud owner of PS4, then you can use this app on it. It is also supported by Chromecast and Xfinity.

If you use Apple products and are wondering whether it will work on iOS or Apple TV then do not worry, it does work. Not just Apple products but Android devices support this app as well. It is even supported by Amazon Prime. Your XBox and Tivo will also support this application.

If you have any one of the mentioned devices then you can download and install one more app to enjoy the live streaming of TV shows and your favorite movies.

What is better Netflix or Tubi TV?

If you are conflicted on whether to download Netflix or Tubi TV then do not worry, we have listed the pros and cons of both apps. Netflix is a very popular choice for streaming TV shows and movies and it is evident from the number of downloads. There are more than 500 million downloads of Netflix on Android alone as compared to 10 million downloads of TubiTV.

In case you want to watch new content that is not available anywhere then Netflix would be a good choice as they stream their own shows and movies. Tubi TV on the other hand streams the movies and shows that are developed by other producers. There is no original content on Tubi TV.

The number of movies and TV shows on Netflix is too huge as compared to the number of movies and TV shows available on Tubi TV. The most important benefit of downloading and watching content on Tubi TV is that it is completely free, be it downloading or watching anything. Netflix is free for downloading but the streaming of its content is not free, you have to buy a membership to watch anything on it.


Tubi TV is a wonderful application that allows people to watch entertainment content such as movies and TV shows for absolutely free. The only thing they have to do is download and install the app and start watching all the shows for free. It is just like all the other TV streaming app but this one is available for free. You can watch almost all the popular shows for free, no wonder the popularity of this app is growing day by day.

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