MegaDownloader for PC Download & Install Free (Windows & macOS)

Mega Downloader for PC is a free desktop app that you can use to share different files, documents, images, audios, videos, etc from your PCs and laptops over a cloud.

It is compatible with different operating systems which include Windows, MAC, and Linux. Mega downloader App for PCs is highly encrypted end to end, so you can completely rely on this app for the security of the files that you import or share.

In this article, we will walk you through the steps of downloading the Mega Downloader app on your PCs. Also, we will try to explain the significant features of the Mega Downloader App.

So be careful in reading the next section of the article if you want to download and use the Mega Downloader App on your PCs.


App Name MegaSync
Developer Mega Limited
Latest Version 4.6.6
Update May 4, 2022
Size (45.03 MB)
License Freeware

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Download Mega Downloader App for PC (both Windows and macOS)

Mega Downloader app can be installed on your PC whether Windows or Mac-based,  in a very simple way. It has a desktop version which can be downloaded from its official website. You just need to follow the steps below:

  1. Open any web browser on your PC like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and then open the official website of Mega Downloader App. We have provided the link:
  2. Once you open the link, a webpage as given below will appear on the screen.megadownloader
  3. After that, go to Platforms and select the Mega Desktop App option from there, another webpage will appear on the screen as below:megadownloader
  4. Now you need to select the Operating System of your PC to download the right exe file.
  5. For example, for Windows OS select the Windows icon or for Mac OS select the respective icon, and the .exe file or the installation package of the Mega Downloader app will be downloaded in a while.
  6. After that, run the exe file by opening it and complete the installation process by agreeing to the terms of use.
  7. Once the installation is successfully complete, sign up for Mega Downloader App using your Gmail account.
  8. After that, you can synchronize the Mega Download app and connect it with other devices like another PC, laptop, or even mobile phone and share your files, images, videos, etc on the cloud.


Features of Mega Downloader App

The most significant features of the Mega Downloader App are mentioned below.

  1. It is a free cloud-based app that allows users to share and import files from their PCs and desktops.
  2. Mega Downloader is a dedicated app since it uses end-to-end encryption which ensures that the files shared by you and stored on the cloud are secure.
  3. The app is password protected and you cannot access or share files, images, and other items without entering the password.
  4. Mega Downloader saves a lot of time as it is free from adware and keeps your data protected with its inbuilt spyware and malware protection.
  5. You can directly add a Mega Link to your browser even without downloading the App and access the content, similar to other cloud storage platforms like Google Drive.
  6. You can customize the files stored on Mega Cloud by adding them to the increasing or decreasing priority list and prioritizing items.
  7. You can also delete or erase the downloaded files on the Mega Downloader App by selecting the file and clicking on the “ Delete from list” option.
  8. It has a very friendly user interface that makes it easy to use on PCs and desktops.


Mega Downloader App is a very useful app specially designed for desktops and PCs both Windows and Mac. Although it has a mobile version, it works the best on computer devices.

You can download this app from its official website and enjoy the amazing feature of file transfer and import with the help of cloud computing on different devices.

We hope this article provided you with ample knowledge of the Mega Downloader App for PC


  • Is Mega Downloader a free app?

Answer – Yes, Mega Downloader is a free app that we can use on both PCs and smartphones.

  • Do we need any additional software for downloading the Mega App on PCs?

Answer – No, we don’t need any additional software for downloading the Mega Downloader App on PCs since it has the desktop version free of cost.

  • Can we share videos and movies using the Mega Downloader App?

Answer – Yes, we can share and import movies and videos using the Mega Downloader App on our PC.

  • Can we use this app without an internet connection?

Answer – Yes, we can use this app without an internet connection.

  • Is it possible to import files from PC to smartphone using the Mega Downloader App?

Answer – Yes, you can import files from PC to smartphone using the Mega Downloader App.

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