What Is Acresso Software Manager? Should You Remove it?

Acresso Software Manager: Have you recently installed software on your desktop? While installing the software, you might have received an error message that must have popped up stating that certain applications are using some files which need to be updated by the setup. Do not panic. You have received this message because the particular software manager is known as the Acresso Software Manager. 

You must be worried about what is Acresso Software Manager and how do you remove it. 

What is Acresso Software Manager?

If you have never seen it, you must have at least noticed the isuspm.exe file on your system. This particular extension is known as Acresso Software Manager which is developed by Acresso Software Inc. This software runs in the background and many times the users fail to identify or even notice it. When the user boots their system, the software automatically starts in the background. It searches for software updates and if it finds an update, it installs it on its own. Acresso Software Manager does not follow any type of instructions and completes the updating process on its own.

If you have installed the Nuance PDF Reader on your system, Acresso Software Manager automatically gets installed too. Nuance PDF Reader uses the software and delivers automatic updates to the system without any warning. The user will never come across any type of pop-up asking for confirmations regarding the installation of the software. It gets installed on the system without any notice, thus there is no possible way you can stop the software from getting installed on your system.

The main function of the isuspm.exe software is to check for updates in the already installed software on the system. The software automatically updates all the installed applications on the system. It connects to the internet and searches for any system update. Thus, it uses a lot of data which causes a slower pace of the system and the credibility of performance of the system gets declined.

What are the problems you can face because of the isuspm.exe?

There are some problems the user can face because of the Acresso Software Manager which has been installed on your system unknowingly. It is not dangerous but causes minor damage to the system and this is why their user should get rid of the software to avoid any other damage in the future.

  • When the user is trying to install an application on the system, a pop-up will appear with a message that asks the user to close the Acresso Software Manager so that the installation process is not interrupted.
  • In the failure of internet connectivity, an error message will be displayed and will ask the user to retry to continue the installation.
  • The biggest problem the user will face is that it slows the operating system.

So, yes the user has to uninstall the Acresso Software Manager so that the PC functions properly. 

There are numerous ways to uninstall isuspm.exe from the system.

How to Uninstall the Acresso Software Manager?

There are many ways by which the user can uninstall the isuspm.exe from the PC. You can follow the below different steps to remove it from the system without making any type of error and also will not harm your operating system. Ensure that every step below given is followed without skipping any step.

First Method to uninstall Acresso Software Manager

As above mentioned, the actual cause that isuspm.exe gets installed on the PC is because of the Nuance PDF Reader installation. So the best way is to get rid of Nuance PDF Reader and this process will eventually remove the Acresso Software Manager. Below are the steps to uninstall it.

  • Open the operating system that is affected by the isuspm.exe.
  • On the taskbar go to the search button and type Uninstall a program. There will be numerous apps displayed that the user might have installed on the system.
  • Check for Nuance PDF Reader or look for Nuance Power PDF Advanced Software
  • Right-click on the icon and click on the Uninstall option.

When clicking the uninstall option, the process will continue and the software will be uninstalled on completion of the process.

Second Method to uninstall Acresso Software Manager

The above method will uninstall the Nuance PDF Reader along with the Acresso Software Manager. If you still require the Nuance PDF Reader, follow the below-given steps with complete care.

  • Open your operating system and open the Nuance PDF Reader on the PC
  • Click the option Help, you will find it in the top menu.
  • From that particular list, select Nuance on the web
  • Next, just uncheck the option Automatic Web Update.

This process will automatically stop any type of auto-update made on the operating system. And you will still have the Nuance PDF Reader on your system and use it.

How to Fix the Error of Acresso Software Manager

It is also possible to stop seeing the error message by ending the Processor ID of Acresso Software Manager in the Windows Task Manager.

Below are simple steps to follow to fix or solve the Acresso Software Manager error.

First Method: Using the Windows Task Manager

  • Simultaneously press the CTRL+ALT+DEL on the keyboard
  • From the list of options click on the Task Manager
  • As the Task manager opens, click on the Process button on the top
  • Scroll down the list and click on the option Common Software Manager to expand it.
  • Next, click on the option FlexNet Connect Common Software Manager to highlight it.
  • Finally, select the End Task option at the bottom of the Task Manager. This will kill the process.

If the user is aware of the PID (Process ID) of the Acresso Software Manager follow the below-given steps:

  • Click on View on the Windows Task Manager.
  • Tap on Select Columns
  • Finally, click on the PID option to display the value.

The user should know which process of the software manager is consuming the biggest amount of the processing power and from the task manager kill it from the main menu.

Second Method: Ignoring the Pop-Up.

  • Open the software of Nuance PDF Reader
  • Click on the Option Help on the toolbar
  • To disable the Automatic Web Update option select the Nuance on the Web Button.
  • Close the Nuance PDF Reader

Everything that you should about Uninstall Acresso Software Manager

  • Trust by now you know what is Acresso Software Manager and the main reason why it is been installed on your system without you installing it.
  • There is no specific harm to keep the Acresso Software Manager
  • The software is not a virus and there are not yet any type of problems reported in keeping the software on the system.
  • The software only helps all the applications that are already installed on your system to get their updated versions at specific intervals so that the user does not miss any update

Bottom Line

Acresso Software Manager runs in the system background unknowingly by the user and does not affect the performance of the system majorly. Thus, it is the user’s choice to keep the software or remove it. The above methods will help you to get rid of the Acresso Software Manager if you do not want to maintain or face any problem with the systems functionality issues. 

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